Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Top Ten Copy Machine or MFP Tweats!

#1 No one uses Copy machines anymore.....ur so stuck in the year 2000 =P jk

#2 feels like I hate MONDAY! All of the copy machines are BROKEN! (angry)

#3 Rampant Jamming: a problem/condition with my copy machines here at work, AND a kick-ass name for a band!!

#4 sticking fingers and sharp metal objects into giant hot copy machines falls under the "bad ideas" category. but hey, I got the jam out!

#5 You'd think in 2009 we'd be able to create printers/ copy machines that didn't need to warm up.

#6 Copy machines suck when copying chapters

#7 I am a epic failure with copy machines lmfao

#8 Whyyy do BOTH copy machines at work have to be broken? Happy Tuesday!

#9 I hate the copiers at my school. And by hate I mean loathe, despise, wish they would spontaneously implode. #fb

#10 Wishing I could be somewhere else. anywhere else! Tired of being in this hamster wheel I call my life. I hate paper!!! And broken copiers!

Do any of these comments surprise us?

-=Good Selling=-

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