Sunday, June 16, 2013

Print4Pay Hotels Goes Bigger, Better and Badder

On June 25th of 2013 (our tenth anniversary), we'll be launching our new Print4Pay Hotel site, the site is built on the platform.  We're pretty exciting to bring this new platform to our members.   The Print4Pay Hotel is the worlds only interactive sight for Imaging Professionals to share their knowledge, collaborate with their peers, gain insightful information from other Print4Pay Hotel members.

Our new sight still has the popular secure forums, but we've also been able to combine the non-secure forums, the MFP Solutions Blog and our web portal to one main site.  Print4Pay Hotel members will not only be able to share information in the forums, but they will also be able to share video's, share photo's, upload avatars, see the latest industry trends, press releases, view industry polls, download competitive price proposals/quotes, view recent RFP's, view industry related video's, purchase p4p self help sales documents, vote in industry polls and garner additional knowledge from our staff of Guest Bloggers.

Since 2004 the Print4Pay Hotel has accumulated more than 70,000 threads in 32 forums that are related to the Imaging Industry, more than 2,300 registered members, 1,400 connections through linked in and more than 450 followers via twitter.

We hope that all of our linkedin followers, and twitter followers to join the new site. The site is more social than the old forums and if I had to best describe the new site, I would state that it's a hybrid of linkedin, facebook, which then combines the power of our members in the forums.

Tune in here on June 25th and then select the forums link and you'll be directed to the NEW Print4Pay Hotel site.

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