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Competitive Quotes, Proposals & Sales Orders

A Premium Membership with the Print4Pay Hotel can carry you to the top of the sales ladder.

Over the years, I've always gathered quotes from competitors. In the beginning it was more of a macho thing, meaning I beat you haha haha. However, as I matured in my sales career with copier and now MFPs. having competitors quotes handy gave me insight as to how they price system, maintenance agreement, supplies and even cost per page agreements. We know it's a dog eat dog world out there and I needed as much ammunition against the competition that I could get.

Quotes from another Dealer or a Direct Branch can sing a thousand words, meaning you get to read and analyze the fine print. Does your competitor include training, shipping, warranty (btw, warranty is huge), and how about ship back of the old unit, loaners, guarantees etc. If you know the weaknesses of your competition they can be beaten. However, if you've never seen their sales agreement nor their quote, how can you pick out a weakness.

With a Premium Membership, you'll have unlimited access to hundreds of quotes! You'll see the cost per page costs, the lease cost, the purchase cost, what they include and what they don't include and if you're savvy enough you'll be able pick up on weaknesses such as padding of lease rates, vague sales orders and the dreaded reading of the fine print in the sales contract.
With 32 years of experience in the business, competitive quotes are an excellent resource and a resource no copier/mfp salesperson worth their weight in gold should be with out! Click here to start your Premium Membership.

Premium Membership Benefits

Access to Competitive Quotes, RFPs, RFQ's, Bids, Leads and many additional forum features along with an awesome TCO for copiers and printers. Plus you'll have unlimited access for uploads and downloads of documents. One other feature of the Premium Membership is access to our Print4Pay Hotel "Document Library".  In the library is our collection of documents from other P4P members that will increase your knowledge and help you garner more profit and close additional sales!

RFP's, RFQ's, & Bids
How about it? If you're a rep that concentrates on Municipalities, Schools, Board of Educations, Federal Government, Colleges or any other business that will put out a request for proposal, request for quote or a bid.

We all know how many phone calls we've got to make, how many cold calls, how many presentations, and by the time we're done driving, calling, return calls, researching, creating proposals have we really had enough time to uncover all of the opportunities in our Top 100, Top 50, Top 20 and everyone else?
True story about a P4P Member that signed up for a Premium Membership. I posted an RFQ on the site many weeks ago, two or three weeks later I had a phone call from a rep in the mid west who wanted to thank me, I was taking by surprise and asked for what? It seems he had signed up for a Premium Membership the day after I posted a large RFQ that was in his back yard. He stated that if it was not for the Premium Membership that allowed him to view the RFP, RFQ/Bid forum he would have never known about the bid for at least 10 MFP's, turns out he got they deal! So for a lousy $74.00 he now has a nice sale under his belt, gets to view all of the quotes, proposals, rfp's, rfqs, bids and he will get leads in his territory (more on this later)! So for .21 cents per day, what the heck can you buy for .21 cents?, he has full access to all of the features!!

Personally, I was working on a bid for 30 systems, I found out that all of the competitors were from Direct Branches. What's the first thing I did, I filtered all of the quotes out for Direct Branch Quotes only and then filtered for speeds. By the time I was done, I had a good knowledge of where my competitors would be for cost per page and hardware costs. If you don't have access to this kind of information how the heck can you expect to win the larger deals. It's like someone giving you a bow and arrow, sticking your butt in a room with no lights and asking you to hit the bulls eye! No way is that going to happen. Twenty One cents per day, I spend more than that on coffee!
Do yourself a favor and start your Premium Membership today!
Leads, Leads and More Leads

Whoa, we get leads too? You're dam right you do (as long as you're a 6 or 12 month member, lifetime), I'm working with someone know who is funneling leads to us on almost a daily basis, along with that I've created a site that has generated 8 qualified leads in the last month (almost 50 per month from all of our sites)! The site that I created is for the serious MFP buyer who wants a serious rep and a serious support company. Our story is we marry the serious buyer with the best in class Dealer, or Direct Branch. Take a trip here and check it out! P4P Cafe.
All of us are all too familiar with Buyer Zone, they get the lead and then sell it to 12 or so dealers and direct branches and basically it becomes a shit show and know one can make a dime on the box. There's a few in secondary markets that do ok, however it's costing a small fortune to pay for all of the leads, and most of them are price buyers only. Our statement weeds out the price buyers! Our leads are only given to Premium Members and no one else, if you go GOLD you can be assured that you would be the only person in your area that receives that lead! Fact is many leads are going untendered due to no P4P Premium Member in that area.
We've had leads for Alabama, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Texas and Hawaii in recent days. To date we've posted over 10,000 MFP/Copier Leads
We've got More!
Premium Membership in the Print4Pay Hotel also allows for access to all of the forums. Right now your "basic" P4P membership only allows you to access the forums that you are and Authorized Reseller for. Having a Premium Membership will give you access to all of the Manufacturers forums!
You'll also have unlimited uploads, and downloads of documents. You'll also be able to post your own photo albums, create and edit your own polls! As an added bonuse if you sign up for a lifetime membership you'll get a copy of my book "The Greatest Copiers Tips Every Told"

-=Good Selling=-