Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This Week in Xerox "TWIX Notes"

Gathered from Print4Pay Hotel Members from around the world and a few moles in very good places!

- Xerox investors marked the 32nd anniversary of a date that changed the copier industry which was on 8/16/1978.
o On that date, the U.S. Federal Trade commission levied a $25.6 million fine on Xerox for anti-competitive behavior.
o The company was charged with using technical patents to lock-up the market for photocopiers and prevent competitors from getting a start.
o The company was forced to share some of the patented technology. Many of these licenses ended up in the hands of Japanese companies that quickly filled in the lower-end copy market.
o Although Xerox continued to hold onto the top-end segment for years, the loss of its patents severely shortened Xerox's ability to enjoy outsized profits for its years of R&D.

- Xerox inventor passes away. Robert W. Gundlach was one of Xerox Corp .'s most prolific inventors, while his pioneering work in the science of photocopying made him a 2005 inductee into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.
o Mr. Gundlach died of aspiration pneumonia at The Shore Winds nursing home in Charlotte. He was 84.
o Mr. Gundlach was born Sept. 7, 1926. He earned a bachelor's degree in physics in 1949 from the University at Buffalo, where he did additional graduate studies in physics.
o He started with Xerox predecessor Haloid Co. in 1952, where he worked with Chester Carlson, the inventor of xerography, the science behind photocopying.
o Mr. Gundlach received 155 patents, with the technology he developed making possible advances such as desktop copiers.
o When he retired in 1995, he had 12 patent applications pending and he received his 155th in 2002.
o He received an additional eight U.S. patents outside of Xerox for inventions including a water-based heat pump system and a type of backpack.

- The city of Indianapolis has selected Xerox affiliate ACS to operate its public parking system as part of a previously announced overhaul. The contract will net the city $400 million over 50 years, but unknown what Xerox’s cut is.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Business Process Automation "Why You Should Be Selling It"

Our Guest Blogger for the month of August is Rick Backus of Cybercon. Rick's got a really awesome approach on Business Process Automation. If you get a chance click the link on the bottom of the page and tell him your thoughts on the article!

Business Process Automation

Why You Should Be Selling It

Document management solutions are something most dealers (hopefully) are involved with at some level. The premise is fairly straightforward:
1) Capture a variety of business information from both paper and electronic sources.
2) Process, identify and classify the documents based on information on the documents themselves or provided during the capture phase.
3) Store the documents in a secure and organized manner using an established set of key fields that will facilitate easy retrieval and provide centralized access to all parties who need it.

Why do we store these documents in the first place? So we can find them later of course. But we tend to store them only after we are finished with them. What if they were stored immediately upon receipt? What if the medium used to store the documents would also initiate and drive the tasks the document represents? Would there be a business benefit to this?

Anyone selling solutions knows (or should know) that one of the principal client motivators for buying a system is to reduce the loss of documents and the time and resource costs associated with those losses. Once a document is stored it usually is not lost unless it is removed from storage for some reason. Most losses occur while the document is making the rounds through the organization, from user to user, department to department. If that is true then why not store the document immediately upon receipt and reduce the risk of loss. Without some sort of way to automate the process the document represents and use it in an electronic format this would be impractical if not impossible.

Enter business process automation or BPA. The process consists of integrating applications, restructuring labor resources, and using software applications throughout the organization to contain costs. For example let’s look at creating a purchase order.

It is 9:30AM and a customer order is submitted by sales that the client wants “yesterday”. Upon reviewing the order a clerk realizes there is no product available to complete the order. The clerk then creates a purchase order, prints it out and delivers it to the manager responsible for authorizing POs. Unfortunately the manager is out of the office until tomorrow, delaying the order.

The manager returns to work the next day, signs the PO and walks to the clerk’s desk and deposits it on the keyboard. The clerk is currently in a meeting. Upon returning the clerk does not find the PO because the IT guy (taking advantage of the clerk being away to install updates on the PC) moved the PO from the keyboard and set it on another stack of papers. Again, delaying the order.

After a couple of phone calls, a reprint and resigning, the PO is finally faxed to the vendor. 24 hours have now passed since the order was originally submitted. I could embellish further by explaining that the original fax never reached the intended recipient but I won’t. I think the point has been made.

Now we rewind back to the original order submission but this time instead of printing a hard copy of the PO, a pdf is created and two things happen. The pdf is immediately sent to the document management system where it is identified, classified and stored in the appropriate location and an email is sent to the clerk confirming the capture and processing of the PO with a hyper-link to it if needed. Another email is sent to the manager (who remember is out of the building) with a link to the same document.

The manager uses their laptop or smartphone to open, review and sign the PO saving it as a new version of the original document which generates a new email alert to the clerk that the PO is approved.
The clerk reviews the PO and forwards it directly to a group email address at the vendor so it will be processed as soon as possible. It is now 10:30AM.

That was BPA in action. The time and resources saved by employing that simple process could mean the difference between filling and losing an order. And we only scratched the surface. If you are not using BPA as part of your solution strategy I strongly advise you to take a serious look at it. BPA is a tremendous cost-justifier that, when combined with a full featured document management application will help you close more business.

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MFP Weekend Industry Notes 8/22/10

Special thanx to Print4Pay Hotel Members from around the world and a few moles in very good places!Take a moment and join the largest group of copier professionals in the world. Here's the link for the P4P Hotel forums.

- The U.S. Commerce Department stated that businesses have boosted their spending on equipment and software by 21.9% in the second quarter of 2010. Related:
o KPMG stated its survey showed that 35% of manufacturing executives expect to increase spending on equipment/software in 2010
o 27% of service company executives will increase spending

- According to InfoTrends, color printing will gain share of revenue (equipment, supplies and service) from 65% to 77% in 2014.

- Muratec launches the MFX-2590 featuring:
o A4 b/w laser desktop MFP
o Actually made by Muratec
o 8.5” color LCD control panel
o Base MSRP of $3995
o 25ppm top speed
o 600x600dpi
o Copy/scan/print/fax standard

- Oce’, a division of Canon, announced it would relabel a Brother A4 b/w laser MFP, and call it the Oce’ VarioLink 3200x with top speed of 32ppm.

- Oce’ announced that it won a facilities management contract from Rolls-Royce Aerospace. Oce’ claims it is saving the firm up to 735,000 euros, and reduced the fleet by 100 machines.

- Office Products Analyst announced the results of its annual Color MFP End User survey. Details:
o based on respondents from survey sent to businesses across the U.S.
o users were ask to rate the performance and effectiveness of their color laser MFP in the following categories:
 total cost of operation
 operability/functionality
 image quality
 workstation/network compatibility
o The manufacturer that received the greatest number of first place ratings was
= Konica Minolta
o The manufacturer that received the highest overall average rating was
= Konica Minolta

-Ricoh apparently will be relabeling a Brother made desktop unit, and call it the FAX1190L for $595 MSRP. (manufacturer’s suggested retail price)

-A scientist from Argonne National Laboratory, named Mr. Vilas G. Pol, claims that he has invented a way to make toner from discarded plastic grocery bags.

- Hewlett Packard announced it sold two Indigo 5500 digital color systems to L&L Printers of San Diego, CA. It also sold an Indigo 7500 system to ORWO Net of Germany.

- The Japanese government fined Hewlett Packard $270 million for underreporting its taxable income.

- A group of investors is suing former HP CEO, Mark Hurd, claiming his disclosures surrounding his resignation led to a drop in share value.

- Microsoft announced it will release a record number of patches for its operating systems next week. All told, Microsoft will release 14 security update bulletins, fixing 34 vulnerabilities.

- Offset press maker, Heidelberg of Germany, reported a net loss of 52 million euros and announced that it will lay off an additional 278 workers.

- Better Buys For Business magazine gave out its annual “Editor’s Choice” awards for high speed b/w systems to:
o Konica Minolta bizhub PRO 950
o Konica Minolta bizhub PRO 1051
o Konica Minolta bizhub PRO 1200
o Kodak DigiMaster EX series
o Canon imageRUNNER 7095
o Canon imagePRESS 1100 series
o Ricoh PRO 907/1101/1357
o Oce’ VarioPrint 4110/4120
o Xerox 4127
o Xerox Nuvera series

- ABBYY of Moscow, Russia, maker of OCR (optical character recognition) software, celebrated its 21st anniversary. It also celebrated its 10th anniversary of marketing its products in the U.S. (currently in court battle with Nuance and Iris of Belgium over validity of OCR patents)

- Kofax, maker of middleware software to connect MFPs and scanners to document management applications, announced it won a $2.3 contract from the U.S. military, for use in HR department. (Kofax competes with Nuance eCopy and NSi AutoStore)

- Sharp launched the “Portal Connector” for its OSA (open source architecture) equipped MFPs. Details:
o enables network scanning directly from MFP to key corporate applications
o scan to Microsoft SharePoint
o available to Sharp dealers who belong to the Sharp AIP (authorized integrator program)
o free for M283N, M363N, M453N, M503N, M623N and M753N models
o $349 for other models

- Sharp makes an executive change. John Herrington, formerly of LG Electronics, was named President of the consumer electronics division of Sharp USA, reporting to Toshihiko Tanimoto.

- Anvik, a Hawthorne, N.Y.-based maker of lithography systems, won a patent case against Sharp Corp., which could cost Sharp billions in damages.
o Originally filed in 2007, the suit said Sharp had infringed on Anvik's patents by importing liquid crystal display televisions that were manufactured using a method Anvik had invented.
o Sharp tried to get the case dismissed in 2009, saying that Anvik's patents did not apply because they were methods of use rather than manufacture. But Judge Stephen C. Robinson of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York disagreed.

- Samsung of Korea launched the world’s lowest priced A4 desktop b/w laser MFP, called the SCX-4623W, which will offer 23ppm for $249. Toner cartridge has yield of 1,500 pages (based on 5% per page coverage) and sell for $62.99. Dell announced it will relabel it and call it the Dell 1135N.

- Samsung announced a new option for its laser MFPs, called the SCM SCR3310, which provides a Common Access Card reader for $299.99.

- The State of Washington announced that an audit found that Office Depot overcharged taxpayers $306,017 over three months for office supplies.

- Nuance, owner of eCopy, announced its last quarter’s financials:
o net loss of $1.5 million
o net income grew to $91.3 million from $73.3 million
o operating margin rose to 32.9% from 32.6%
o revenue up 13.4% to $273.2 million
o revenue from healthcare and dictation solutions rose 16.5%
o eCopy division revenue up 102% to $35.8 million

- IBM announced it acquired Datacap Inc., maker of document capture software, and headquartered in Tarrytown, NY.
- More details on the PREO Printelligence software being offered as an option by both Xerox and Toshiba:
o used in conjunction with a managed print services program
o made in Calgary, Canada
o software claims it can predict toner usage/coverage per page for each color before end user actually prints the page
 it can only predict, as it does not actually measure the amount of toner applied, instead counts pixels
o software delivers balloon messages to end users’ PC to drive behavior, so end user is not guaranteed that the toner coverage stated is accurate
o collects data on printing behavior

- Adobe Corp. announced it has promoted David Wahhwani to Senior VP and GM of Creative & Interactive Solutions, reporting directly to COR, Shantanu Narayen. Senior CP John Loiacono has been appointed to lead the new Digital Media Solutions division, also reporting to Narayen.

- Long Island University announced it is giving all incoming freshman free Apple iPad computers. The same offer was also made by the School of Medicine at the University of California – Irvine.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This Week in Canon "TWIC Notes"

Gathered from Print4Pay Hotel Members from around the world and a few moles in very good places!

- More details on new Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE A3 b/w models:
o 6055, 6065 and 6075 models offer 55ppm, 65ppm and 75ppm speeds
 Base MSRPs of $13,200, $17,700 and $24,200
o 8085, 8095 and 8105 models offer 85, 95 and 105ppm
 Base MSRPs of $29,200, $35,200 and $46,200
o 7086, 7095 and 7015 modes are now discontinued
o All use ASi drums (amorphous silicon or ceramic drums, most likely sourced from Kyocera)
o Uses separate toner and developer (which is odd, as one of Canon’s big marketing pitches is their use of monocomponent technology, which they claim is superior)
o Warmup times of 30-38 seconds
o $2400 for letter size LCT, $3000 for tabloid sized LCT
o $160 kit allows for feeding of tabs
o Comes standard with document feeder that can:
 Hold up to 300 originals
 Can scan both sides of original at same time
 In single sided mode, top b/w scan speed of 120opm, or 85opm for color
 In double-sided mode, top b/w scan speed of 200ipm or 100ipm for color
o 6000 series finishing option include:
 $3000 for stapling finisher
 $5300 for bookletmaking & stapling finisher
 $850 for punch kit
 $2800 for cover inserter
 $8000 for cover inserter/fold unit
o 8000 series finishing options include:
 $6000 for stapling finisher
 $9000 for bookletmaking & stapling finisher
 $800 for punch kit
 Face trimmer unit for $6000
 $15,000 for GBC punch unit (punches are $2800 each)
 $5300 for cover inserter
 $12,000 for multi-fold unit
o 8000 series can feed up to 13”x19” paper
o 8.4” color touchscreen LCD on 6000 series
o 10.4” color touchscreen LCD on armature on 8000 series
o Optional USB keyboard for $110 plus $60 mount tray
o $3800 option adds print controller and color scanning
 Uses Canon ImageCHIP architecture
 Actual manufacturer unknown (most likely NetSilicon)
 Has dual processors to handle copy and print operations
• (for some reason, Canon does not publish the speed of the processors)
 1.5GB RAM standard (can upgrade to 2GB for $250)
 80GB hard drive standard (can upgrade to 250GB for $750)
 PCL print driver is $1000 option
 XPS print driver is $550 option
 PostScript print driver is $1400 option
 Secure watermark is $450 option
 $800 for barcode printing
 Scan to email/LDAP/FTP/HDD standard
 OCR kit for $550
 $1000 for secure watermark
 Encrypted scan $450 option
 Support for MEAP (multi-function embedded application protocol using Java OS)
 10/100/1000BaseT and USB ports standard
• Can scan to and print from USB memory sticks
• $900 for scan to MS SharePoint
 $600 card reader option
 $325 for hard drive data erase kit
 $550 for hard drive encryption kit
 $1000 for removable hard drive
o Optional EFI Fiery controller, called Canon imagePASS U1, for $9500
o $2400 option adds Essentials software
 Tools for creating and managing complex print jobs
 Tracking machine usage
 Create macros to replace scan steps
o All are off-white plastic design, called “cashmere beige”
o $800 for analog fax board ($500 for second fax line)

- Canon will most likely preview two new A3 color laser MFPs at its upcoming annual Digital Solutions Forum convention in September, the imageRUNNER ADVANCE C2020 and C2030 offering:
o 4 tandem OPC design
o 20ppm and 30ppm respectively, for both color and b/w
o 44opm top scan speed with optional RADF
o Will replace the IR-C2550 and C3080 models
o Built-in print/scan controller
o Optional hard drive

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This Week in Toshiba "TWIT Notes"

Gathered from Print4Pay Hotel Members from around the world and a few moles in very good places

- Toshiba announced a new product called “Wipe for Toshiba Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) models”.
o Ability for sensitive user data to be securely erased when a system is powered-down or when drive is removed from system
o Can be used to securely erase data prior to returning a leased system
o Toshiba hopes to sell these HDDs to MFP and printer manufacturers

- Toshiba announced a new agreement with Uranium One Inc. of Canada to secure long-term uranium purchase rights.
- Toshiba announced it will lay off 60 people in September from its Consumer Products division due to declining sales.

- Toshiba recent held its LEAD (lead, engage, act, deliver) Conference for its dealer in Irvine, CA. Details:
o to promote its managed print services program to its dealers
o no hardware shown
o covered training for sales, service and consulting
o consultants from Strategy Development (Tom Callinan) provided content
o claims that only 5% of all pages in U.S. are under an MPS program
o Toshiba only has 7% of the A3 MFP market in the U.S.
o claims to have 80,000 devices under MPS management currently
o on display was solution software from PREO, Capella, Drivve, Fasoo & Pharos

- Toshiba now offers a Microsoft SharePoint Connector for its MFPs. Customers must order for each MFP, a $500 connector and a $750 enabler for eBRIDGE Open Platform.

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This Week in Xerox "TWIX Notes"

Gathered from Print4Pay Hotel Members from around the world and a few moles in very good places!

- Fuji announced it sold a Color 1000 Press (made by Fuji but also sold by Xerox in U.S.) to Dashing Print of Sydney, Australia. It also sold a Color 1000 Press to Western Mailing of New Zealand.

- Xerox announced following production print system sales:
o Xerox Color 1000 Press and two Nuvera 144 b/w systems to Conlin’s Digital Print & Copy Center in Pennsylvania
o Xerox Color 800 Press to Alphagraphics of Cherry Creek, Denver, Colorado.
o Xerox Nuvera 288 to CMP of Dorsett, England
o All made by Fuji

- Xerox announced it will relabel a Samsung-made b/w laser A4 MFP and call it the WorkCentre 3550 featuring:
o 35ppm top speed
o Base MSRP of $1099
o Toner yield of 5,000 pages based on 5% coverage for $129.99 each
o 75K/month maximum duty cycle
o Comes standard with analog fax board
o 4 line b/w LCD display (not a touch screen)
o 50 sheet bypass and 500 sheet drawer
 Second 500 sheet drawer for $249
o Auto duplex
o 50 sheet recirculating document feeder
 35opm b/w and 24opm color scan speeds
o Built-in print controller
 Actual maker unknown (most likely Marvell)
 360MHz processor
 256MB RAM (can upgrade to 512MB for $499) but no hard drive
 10/100BaseT & USB port
 Includes single license of Scan to PC/OCR from Nuance
 Scan to FTP/SMB/network/email/LDAP
 PCL and PostScript print drivers standard
• No XPS print driver available
 No accounting features
- Panasonic announced that its desktop scanners can now scan directly into DocuLex document management software (DMS).

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Print4Pay Hotel Weekend Industry Threads for 8/15/10

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New Leads, RFP's & RFQ's Uploaded!

4 MFP's Need RFP response by 8/30/10

Have a lead for 3 HV MFP's in Elmont, NY

City Copier and Printer RFP for Colorado "due 9/16/10"

Have a lead for 11x17 color MFP in Up State NY!

Lead" Copier Stolen from Auto Dealer!

Upstate NY, City Needs HD system for 46K per month

Colorado Issues RFP for Production Copier Lease

The Print4Hotel Team

Thursday, August 12, 2010

MFP Printers, Copiers "Whats The Total Cost of Operation"

In 31 years of selling copiers to commerical accounts, well...I've pretty much seen it all. Over those years I've had many cleints who did not purchase a copier or a multifunctional unit from me.

Now, what peeves me the most is when I'm trying to communicate (help) the cost per page of a device or the total cost of ownership of the device. Many accounts will opt for the small MFP's where the manufacturer states "the up to 8,000-page-per-month duty cycle" (Duty cycle: the maximum possible number of pages that can be printed per month) I ask you, what the heck does Duty Cycle really mean? Does it mean, crap I can due up to 8,000 pages per month on this device that only cost me $199?

Let me show you what happens if you would print 8,000 pages per month on that device. The first device I looked at was an HP LaserJet Pro M1212nf (oh boy, it has Pro in the model name, it's just got have excellent reliabilty and I can print like a PRO).

I have this neat software package that can actually give the cost per page of most printers and multifunctional products and why shouldn't I. I'm the darn expert. Some software programs may vary in the price per page.

So, this neat HP Pro M1212nf sells for $199. While it has a nifty 35 page document feeder and a 150 sheet paper tray, the toner cartridge cost for this device is $67.99 with a yeild of 1,600 pages. Mind you that the 1,600 pages is based on probably 5% coverage of the page.

Now, you may ask what is 5% coverage of the page, pretty much if you condensed all of the black print area to one area, it means it can't cover more than 5% of the page. Pretty much a letter document with no pictures or logos. I ask you who the heck prints at 5% coverage?

Back to the cost per page, divide the cost of the cartridge by the yield and you have a cost per page of .0425. Ok, well, I wanna print my 8,000 pages per month, how much is that gonna cost me? It's gonna cost you $340 each and every month, and if you maintain that volume for 36 months, you'll be out a whopping $12,240!! Whoa, almost the price of a car!

How about if you print all your docs with 10% coverage or print legal size documents. Get a load of this number, simple math it's twice the cost. $24,480 for the total cost of operation and .0850 per page. That's the price of a decent car!

Wanna see more? At 15% coverge which has a bunch of text and a few pictures the Total Cost of Operation runs up to $36,720 and a cost per page over 12 cents. Now, that's a really nice number for a really nice car!

Hey, I understand that most users don't print all thier pages at 15%, and I understand (because I'm in the business) that this machine will probably blow a gasket before it prints 8,000 pages in one month, however how does the end user know this? There's no disclaimers, well maybe it can do 8,000 pages per month, but at 19 pages per minute that would take 421 minutes. Point is there needs to be some type of real measuring stick for these types of devices.

In closing, if you're thinking about doing on 8,000 pages per month, with 15% coverage on the page, opt for the really nice car, and call a Print4Pay Hotel member to save you some real cash. Here's a neat link (P4P Cafe) to get a quote on a Really Nice MFP so you can get that Really Nice Car!

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Weekend MFP Print4Pay Hotel Industry Threads 8/1/10

Hello All!

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New Leads, RFP's & RFQ's Uploaded!
Color Digital Copier Bid "Expires 8/20/10
Copy equipment for reprographic center.
48 month lease for (1) volume band 1B5 copier in Arkansas
48 Printer RFP in the South Expires 8/9/10
RFP for 11 copiers in Canada Expires 8/20/10

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Why is Managed Print Sooooo Sexy?

Well, if you're reading everything over at DOC (Death of the Copier), it sure is!

Greg's combined great content with sexy babes, now you tell me, where would you visit to get your daily does of Managed Print Services, a static site with decent information and NO babes or DOC where the content is real because my man's got feet on the street and babes everywhere!

All kidding aside Greg does a great job with DOC and keeps me coming back for more with the articles (haha) along with Great Pics!

Maybe you can post a Managed Print "Babe of the Week"?

Some recent DOC pics:

-=Good Selling=-

Copier Dealers Move Over Manufacturers Sets Sights on MPS Providers

MPS Wars Salvo Shots Fired!

Copier Dealers get outta the way! Manufacturers are now setting their sites on Managed Print Service Providers!

In a recent blog MFP Wars "Copier/MFP Manufacturers to Buy Printer Manufacturers", I suggested that the time may be right for copier manufacturers to start acquisitions of the largest Managed Print Service Providers.

A few days ago Fuji Xerox announced that they had purchased Upstream Print Solutions based in Burwood, Victory in Australia. Upstream Print Solutions operates three offices out of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Born in 1995, and then a merger in 2007, "Upstream Technology and Print Solutions Australia merged to create “Australia’s largest independent print company”.

Upstream's claim to fame is that they bucked the trend and focused on Total Cost of Operation early on, while doing that they also made claim that the differentiator "remains our experience, size and vendor neutrality". I'm gonna go out on a limb here but I think that's gonna change very soon.

Who's next the next manufacturer to strike gold and who will be the next candidate for purchase? All good questions and ones I don't have the answer to. But, we all know it's the next wave of aquisitions by the giants of the industry. It's unlikely that Ricoh, KonicaMinolta, Canon will sit tight for very long.

Any Comments?

-=Good Selling=-

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