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Hey p4p hotel. I just wanted to thank you for your website. I had a deal signed on the 240W and was waiting for the equipment to arrive (some of which was on backorder). In the interval Xerox sent my customer a postcard on the 8830. They were $6000.00 cheaper on the equipment and the customer canceled our order. After reading the information on your site I went back to him with a TCO comparison and got the deal back. Your maintenance figures on the 8830 were right on the money. He was also very impressed with the feature comparison you prepared on the two products. Can't thank you enough!Dave from Kenner, LA

This is awesome and exactly the kind of information this site needs to make accessible. I can only guess as to how long it took you to put this together and I would hope that it will be a springboard to improvements and additions to this attachment as well as a template for similar comparisons in the future. I challenge all dual line Canon Reps out there to dispute or defend this information as well as provide additional bullet points." Jim Parker CBS/Longview, Texas

To Art, and all who have helped, this is a small token of appreciation for the p4p hotel. I was working with an IT manager for a MAJOR TV Station in my area. It became a very technical situation which stemmed from just a printer solution call. the IT Director wanted to replace printers that were runing from a black box so that a job could be parallel printed onto 6 printers. As a result of everyones input; sucess stories, and guidance, I was able to turn this into a total workflow solution. In all I have placed: (GESTETNER) 6 13fs 6 9199L Fax Machines 7 45 ppm Laser Printers 2 9002 Copiers 2 7502 Copiers 2 27sp copiers 1 213d color copier w/ fiery 4 38ud color printers I wouldn't have been able to do this with out the support and knowledge that everyone shares on this site. So Thank You to all... Brian/Pittsburgh

Dear P4P Hotel Administrators - Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I have changed positions and have left the office equipment technologies industry. I have taken on a new role in the teleconferencing and web conferencing industry as of June of this year. The service you have and are providing is INVALUABLE. Any RFG consultant/rep worth their salt should be utilizing your site. I would highly recommend you charge a reasonable fee for these services, as the information you provide from around the world cannot be packaged adequately by the manufacturers. Other associations from other industries charge for memberships; this is a very small investment that provides tremendous "edown-in-the-trenches" resources to the members.

"I get more up to date information from the P4P Hotel, than any other site on the web" Drew/Memphis, TN

As long as we follow Neal’s advice of “evolving with our industry”, I feel we’ll all be fine. Remember, ladies and gentlemen, if you’re on this website  (P4P Hotel) reading threads like these, you’re probably one of the elite salespeople in this industry, and no matter what technologies take hold in the future, someone will need to be the “industry expert’ for those technologies. So far, they haven’t invented an idea or product that sells itself!  Brian/Hagerstown, MD

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