Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ricoh MP6002, 7502, 9002 series "Scanner Reveal"

It seems about every 18 months Ricoh will refresh a series of multifunctional copier systems.  The latest refresh of the MP6001/7001/8001/9001 completes the entire line change to the new "istyle" series. 

The new Ricoh MP6002 (60 page per minute device), the MP7502 (75 page per minute device) and the MP9002 (90 page per minute device) will be the new models moving forward. The new MP 7502 will be the replacement for the MP6001 and MP7001. There will be six different models in all, MP6002/MP7502/MP9002 will not come from the factory with scan and print.  The MP6002SP/MP7502SP/MP9002SP will all come from the factory with color scan, network scan and black network print.


The speeds are awesome!  When scanning at 300 dpi with the single pass dual scan document feeder you'll be able to scan black at 88 ipm for single sided and 176 ipm for double sided originals.  Color scanning at 300dpi will run at 88 ipm for single sided and 120 ipm for double sided originals.  Thus if you are using document management programs like Doculex or Intellenetics you'll be able to breeze through those documents in seconds!

Scan2folder, Scan2email, Scan2ftp, Scan2url are all standard features and you'll be able to scan from 100dpi to 600dpi. Let's say you have ECM (Enterprise Content Management) software then you'll be able to take advantage of the Ricoh's  1200DPI TWAIN scan driver. 

But!  What I like best is that the new Ricoh MP6002/7502/9002 is that you can add a browser unit (the browser unit is an option and the unit allows the MFP to connect to the Internet)!  Thus if you're a Microsoft Sharepoint or MS365 user you'll be able to scan directly Sharepoint & MS 365 with the UDOCX Cloud solution.  With UDOCX there's no need to install software on the server, no maintenance, it's a true access & go solution! 

There's a few other items I like also, even if you don't have the browser unit, you'll be able to use two really cool FREE cloud storage solutions.  One is dropbox where you can get a free 2GB service, dropbox sets up as a simple scan2folder on your PC or notebook, you'll then set a path from the MFP to your folder. That's it!  Anything you scan will then be sync'd with the folder on your pc/notebook and replicated in on the Dropbox Cloud.  The other service is OfficeDrop, they'll offer you a free 5GB solution, sets up similar to dropbox, however with OfficeDrop you'll be able to label your files.  With the labeling feature you'll then be able to search those files.

Output formats for scanning on the Ricoh can be single and multi page  page TIFF, PDF, JPEG, high compression pdf, encrypt pdf, and PDF/A. If you're not familiar with PDF/A is a file format and also an ISO standard for long term archival of scanned pages.

Ricoh has also added as a standard feature a nifty scan2usb and scan2sdcard.  Users will be able to scan to a usb drive or sd card, along with that users will also be able to print from these devices.  I was able to test this on a Ricoh MPC4502 and not only can you print the files but you can also view the files from the USB drive or SD card right on the awesome 8.5 inch color display.

I'll be you thought I was done right?  Nope, there's one other noteworthy feature and that's JBIG2 compression support. In a nutshell JBIG2 compression for scanned black images will enhance compression and allow companies to make better use of their document storage solutions.  FYI, for you those of you that are dealers, I highly recommend this leasing company, truly a pleasure to do business with LCA.

Stay tuned for next week when I'll go over all of the cool new print and fax features!

-=Good Selling=-

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Selling Copiers and MFPs "Earning Mental Toughness"

For those of us that have been selling copiers for 20-30 plus years (yes there's still a few of us around) the month to month and then quarter to quarter grinding quota cycles can take their toll on your mental toughness. 

Yes, there was once a time even for me when I hesitated to make the next cold call on the phone, then praying that someone did not answer the phone when I called, and even turned tail performing an in person cold call because I was afraid that I would be rejected when I opened the door.  I'm sure if I had these feeling that there are many of us that have struggled with rejection in our sales career. 

You can't buy mental toughness, and someone can't teach you mental toughness.  Mental toughness is something you earn, and you can earn it in a variety of ways.  In my teens I worked for a "family" produce company in NJ, I was the only employee who was not related to "the family".  At 16 years old it was a learning experience that I'll never forget.  I was hired to lift, sort and stack trailers and produce racks with produce.   Since I was not in "the family" whenever I thought about doing it my way, it turned out to be the "wrong way".  When I was asked what happened with this or that, I replied "I thought....blah blah", I was reminded by screaming family members that I was not paid to think. I was paid to do what I was told. At 16-19 (I did that job for 3 years) years old it was my introduction into the world of business. It seemed I was always making mistakes, fouling things up , dropping things or trying to do something that I thought was a better way.  However, I hung in and took my lumps, I learned that I was not going to get fired, and after sometime the screaming was something that I got use to. I learned not to take it personally and and to let things go.   I earned the mental toughness to stay with the job, because I went on with my work after a screaming episode and went back to work the next day.

When I started in copier sales, let me back up a minute I was actually hired as a technician first.  After six months I had my review and the owner of the company gave me outstanding marks on my ability to take copiers apart, to say the least he was not impressed with the way I put them back together and wanted to lay me off.  He did state, that if I wanted to stay on, I could try my hand at sales.  I took the sales job and never looked back.

Monday, August 20, 2012

11 Great Ways to Kick Start Your Copier Career!

Below is a recent thread on the Print4Pay Hotel forums.  A new rep took a position seling copiers/mfps/printers etc and asked for advise on the forums. Enjoy!

Well. I accepted their offer. Off to the races.

I've seen some great stuff on here
(Print4Pay Hotel forums) already, are there any topics on the forum that would be recomended I check out?

From what I know of sales already it's important I have the answers for the kinds of questions people will be asking, perhaps ya'll can post lists of the most common questions your clients ask?

Perhaps ideas on some topics I should have general knowledge of when it comes too my competitors?

Any topics that I should focus on for the geographical area I am trying to reach?

I hope none of this is to invasive, I hope I can be a resource for all of you when the time comes.


Thread reply from Art:

Welcome, become a sponge, the rep who can pinpoint pain in a process and then offer a viable solution whether hardware, software, feature or IT will win the day.
1) An MFP sale can go much quicker than an IT sale, be prepared to close early and often.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sharp "Should We Be Sticking a Fork in Them"?

Geesh where do I start with this one?  Years ago there was a thread on the Print4Pay Hotel forums named "Rumor Has It" (over 10,000 views) that Ricoh was going to buy Ikon.  I can tell you that most of the threads stated that it will never happen, comments ranged from IKON is bigger in the US than Ricoh Americas to the if anyone buys Ikon it would be Canon. As foolish as it sounded then, Ricoh did buy Ikon.

Let me take you for a trip of recent thread entries on the Print4Pay Hotel forums about Sharp in the last 18 months or so:

Analyst issues 'sell' recommendation for Sharp 2010


Sharp Announces New B2B President December 2011

Sharp Forecasts Record $3.8 Billion Loss Feb 2012

Sharp Replaces President After Predicting Record Loss March 2012

Foxconn Buys 10% of Sharp Corp April 2012

Sharp Corp esitmated to lose $4.7 Billion Dollars!! April 2012

Sharp Drops to Lowest Since 1975 on Report of Loss: July 2012

Sharp's options narrowing to future as Hon Hai parts maker August 6th, 2012

Japan's Sharp Corp plans to sell its copiers and air conditioners businesses August 16th, 2012

In the last four days Print4Pay Hotel members from all over the world have posted replies and threads in reference to Reuters report that a Nikkei analyst reported that Sharp may sell it's copier division. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

MFP Wars "The Final 5 Prophecy" Sharp is...

A couple of years ago I posted a few blogs in reference to what copier/mfp manufacturers would make up the "The Final Five".  There were many comments made when I left Sharp Corporation out of "The Final Five".  My guess is the people commenting were die hard Sharp enthusiasts and that's not a bad thing.

Back in the mid to late eighties, Sharp ruled the copier industry!  It seemed like I was always up against a sharp copier when I was competing for new business.  In the eighties Ikon (Alco) was buying up Sharp dealerships left and right.  Many dealer owners walked away with pockets full of cash.
However, in the copier business no manufacturer ever stays on top for more than a few years.  Thus in the nineties the beginning of the end for Sharp came one day as Ikon dropped Sharp from their portfolio in lieu of Canon and Ricoh.  Since that time Sharp has been playing catch up trying to regain double digit market share in the US.

In recent weeks, many Internet sources revealed that Sharp Corporation was in dire straits and they had limited cash reserves.  Today, saw a report from Reuters that Sharp Corporation is looking to sell the copier division in order to raise much needed cash. The report went on to state that Kyocera was interested in some type of acquisition.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

So, you all thought copiers were bad right?

So, you all thought copiers were bad right?  Well at least with copiers you have solid, knowledgeable dealers that will support or replace a bad system.  When was the last time you had your copier company offer you unlimited everything?  We'll give you unlimited toner, paper, and go ahead make as many prints, copies and faxes as you like and we'll just never bill you an overage! 

All of the above get me to this, years ago when I got my first blackberry, I'll admit, I was cheap, and I would move from calling plan to calling plan to try and save a few bucks. Finally, it came time for another FREE Verizon upgrade. I opted to stay with the blackberry and finally gave in to the "unlimited" data plan. Woohoo I thought, unlimited emails, Internet, bring on the data!  I was a happy Verizon customer until......I got wind that Verizon was not going to offer the unlimited data plan anymore!

The next day I was on the phone with a Verizon rep and asked does this mean that I don't have unlimited data anymore?  I was told no that's not the case you'll be grandfathered in and as long as you stay with Verizon you'll get to keep your unlimited data package. Woohoo, I'm good to go again right?  It seems that was not the case, my current 2 year plan has lapsed, and I've been receiving emails about upgrading, newer smart phones, so finally I bit. Off I went to the Verizon store, has anyone in Jersey every been to one of these stores?  To put it plain and simple they suck, my worst nightmare is having to go to one of these stores and deal with their "sheep herder" mentality for processing customers.  I picked out the the smart phone that I wanted, and then while they are processing the plan, I see a red alert pop up on the customers service reps screen that needs I need to by additional data.  WTF, I stated that my plan was unlimited, the customer service rep stated well that's not what the computer is stating. With that, a huff and a puff and I was out the door with my old blackberry.

I then called Verizon customer service from outside the store and another customer service rep explained that I can keep my unlimited plan, however I would have to pay full price for the smart phone and still enter into another 2 year agreement.  I thought....typical BS from a company that thinks they he more than enough customers. There is no way I'm going to pay the full price and then commit to owing you $3,200 for the next two years.

If you google "How Verizon Screwed" me, I think the google count was almost two million matches. I know this doesn't have much to do with copiers, printers and solutions but I needed to get this rant out there.  I'll just find a hand me down or an older smart phone and the web and Verizon can Kiss My Ass.

-=Good Selling=-

Sunday, August 12, 2012

10 Awesome Tips for a Great MFP/Copier Demo

Demo, what the heck is that?  In other posts I've mentioned that demo's were the way we used to sell copy machines many years ago. 

One of the requirements of a copier sales person is that you needed to have some type of station wagon, hatch back or enclosed pick up truck.  Why?  Because the salesperson, that would be me and all of us that have been around since the 80's or before had to use our vehicles to bring copiers to a customers office!  We also have to navigate steps, one of more flights of stairs, basements, muddy drive ways, sleet, snow and rain.  Almost kinda made me feel like the mailman, because Post delivers!  (anyone get that).

You got pumped for demo's because you knew that if you had a good demo, meaning that the copier performed without jamming, you didn't get some off the wall question from a smart ass, that you had a great shot at closing the deal on the spot and then negotiating to leave the demo so you didn't have to lug it back to the office!  Gosh, I miss those days.

The other day I had a demo set for a customer to come to our showroom, since it's been awhile since I did a demo, I had to write a list of what needed to be done prior to the account coming in.  Here goes.

1.  Check the system for print, and copy quality a day in advance, this way if there is an issue you can get someone to rectify the issue.

2.  Go to your system at least 90 minutes prior to the customer getting there to set up the applications that you would like to demo.

3.  Check the print and copy quality again, also if you're with a color system make sure you calibrate the system for the copy mode, and all of the print modes. In the Ricoh systems there are at least four different print calibrations, while you're at it is there is an "auto registration" perform that function also.

Doom and Gloom for the Printed Page or Hogwash!

We had an interesting thread debate on the Print4Pay Hotel forums this past week. 

I posted an article that was titled "Dead-tree format's demise is slow, steady", posted my reply and then asked to hear from other P4P'er for their thoughts in reference to the growth for the printed page or is it really dying a slow death.

The article went on to state that paper demand in 2006 and has declined each year by 3-10 percent year over year and is now down 20% or more since the 2006 peak.

This was my repsonse on the forums:

I read a report the other day that stated the US printed page volume will reach 1.2 trillion pages in 2014 for the FIRST TIME. I think this was from IDC which is well respected.

As I was driving to an appointment today I was thinking about all of these reports and thought that the paper sales would even be a better indicator of what is going on. Wallaa, I had the above article in an email today!

The gist of the report is that cut sheet paper sales continue to lose steam, and has not rebounded to the levels of 2006. The culprint, smart phones and ipads, but......maybe it's still the sign of the piss poor economy. The downturn for my sales (copier, mfp)  and I think others will agree started in 2007 and has continued to this day. So, I'm kinda blaming the world wide recession for the downturn in paper, yes people tell me that they are emailing more, not faxing as much but I'm not seeing the reduction in printed pages from my accounts, yet.  Maybe it's to early to blames the iphone, smartphones and ipads.

Would like to hear comments from others do you agree, disagree?


I think this can be very easily misleading. The proliferation of duplex printing over the last 5-10 years has increased significantly, even home printers ship with duplex now. This will impact paper sales at least 6% IMHO. Also a 6% revenue drop? I'm pretty sure the market price for cost per pages (on consumer and business alike) has dropped easily 5% per year. Even if you take into account increases through color it still doesn't add up.

So I'm still firmly in the camp that the increased volume and availability of digital content is actually increasing volumes in line with IDC's report - we are just all going to make less money providing each page.

I do however think users are smarter on how they print pages, I have seen a huge trend here of users going to a local store to get photo prints done rather than costly consumer inkjets.

Anyways that's my rant!


I just billed my largest printer sale ever this week.

People will always need and want paper. The economy has more to do with this than anything. Things are so tight people are squeezing not just pennies but even fractions of pennies.

There's additional responses to the thread, for those of us that sell machines that print on paper we're not sure if print is dead yet, and if it is dying a slow death then most of us are not seeing it yet.  I guess the we'll be able to figure this out if and when the economy picks up and if the economy never picks up then I would tend to think that the article was true that the printed page is declining but not due to the proliferation of ipads, iphones, and smart phones but due to a global recession.

Go here to view to the other comments.

-=Good Selling=-

Saturday, August 11, 2012

150 Calls a Week RU Serious "Selling Copiers & MFPs"

Last week was a bonanza for emails from new reps.  This latest thread came from a newbie member of the Print4Pay Hotel forums.

I am new to P4PHotel. I am curious, I saw you make 150 calls(with contact to DM I am assuming) a week. I want to improve my effectiveness. I am curious with both customers and non-customers what some of those calls sound like. I am programmed to set appointments. With that many calls I would have many appointments with accounts that are nowhere near buying and I would run out of time to make calls. I am really curious what some of the talk tracks you use? I appreciate your help.

You make a good point, however I was under that same assumption that with making 150 calls a week, that I would set too many appointments and then not have enough time to make the 150 calls every week.

However that is not the case! I make calls all day on Monday and Tuesday and half of Wednesday. I average about 120 calls per week, some are follow ups, but most are appointment calls, or just trying to get the right information that I need to make the appointment call.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dr. Print Offers to Cure Your Print Pain

Who says you can't have fun and offer up FREE print solutions?  We've just landed the guru of print to our Print4Pay Hotel forums!

Just about a week ago me and the wife paid a visit to the boardwalk at Seaside Heights, NJ aka Jersey Shore. The sweet smell of the salt water, the blistering sun, the throngs of people and who the heck do I run into?  The Doctor of Print....aka Dr. Pcl5, it was like old times again!

Geesh, I hadn't seen DP in almost 20 years!  So what do people from Jersey do when they're at the boardwalk, you guessed it we drank together, ate Italian hot dogs, clams, lobster, laughed together and reminisced about the glory days of selling copiers.

But there's more to this than you think,  I took the time to show Dr. Pcl5 the Print4Pay Hotel forums, and convinced him with about 5 beers and 5 shots of tequila (we poured the tequila in the beer) to come on board as our Print Doctor.  After the 5th beer and tequila we were in bad shape, Dr. Pcl5 decided it was time to pack it in the for the night and I had to be driven home by the wife. But, it was an eventful time with an old friend and a new member of the Print4Pay Hotel forums.
Here's a small sampling of Dr. Pcl5 knowledge. In the past has offered up customized print solutions for Fortune 500 companies and is experienced with almost every Operating System and applications being used by some of the largest companies in the world!  Both Dr. Pcl5 and I agree that print is NOT dead, it's just more of a moving target and niche print systems and solutions will continue to grow and provide print stream management opportunities that will increase click, revenue and professional services. 

Think about it, does anyone of your customers or potential customers experiencing pain with their printing? Do they have this pain every day or is it just once in awhile, does the pain subside on different days of the week and increase on other days?  Have you been avoiding your customer because you couldn't offer them a pain free solution or you just couldn't find the right Doctor to collaborate with? 

I say, the wait is over!  Dr. Pcl5 wants you to post your toughest print questions and he promises that he can offer up a customized solution that will cure your customer, earn your respect and win you additional business with new and existing accounts. It's starting to sound like Ron Popiel now right?

What's the cost........, well there is NO cost, all you have to do is be a member of the Print4Pay Hotel forums, post you thread about your print pain and Dr. Pcl5 will analyze and offer up a solution to cure the print pain! Click here to find your pain free print solution!

At this time, I can't tell you who Dr. Pcl5 is, all I can tell you is that Dr. Pcl5 is the Guru of print, the King of SAP, the Duke of ERP, and the Lord of Linux and residing somewhere at the Jersey Shore.
-=Good Selling=-

Sunday, August 5, 2012

5 Tips for newbie Copier MFP Sales Reps

In one week I had two emails from reps asking for help. I thought I would do a blog on it, FYI the "Distance Yourself from the Pack" (I can't believe that I wrote this almost four years ago) and the last resource is reserved for Print4Pay Hotel members. Go here and join for free, and then send me and email and I'll send you the last resource.

Hello Art,

I recently stumbled upon your blog and think it's great. I'm brand new to the industry and have been given a sales territory with no existing customer base and have been asked to grow it. I'm about 3 months in the field and have had few wins so far. I was wondering if you had any tips for me that could help me get set on the path to success.

I'd also like to know that last resource from the article "Distance Yourself From the Pack".


First things first in order to get more wins you need to have countless opportunities that can be closed in any given month!  Let me give you an example.  Our month ended on the 23rd of July (dam bean counters), moving into August 6th, I've already closed four deals and have two closes scheduled of this coming week.  But, I have another 10 accounts listed that I feel will order/close (with me or someone else) and then another 8 accounts that I consider are long shots to order/close this month. In total I have 22 opportunities that I have a shot at closing. 

It's all about prospecting, more potential buyers in sales funnel will equal additional sales per month.  The really tough part to get to this point is that you need to prospect your ass off.  Someone once stated that 50 calls a week is a "hobby", and that's true you'll need to make at least 120 cold calls per week  (since you're new and have no book of accounts), plus you'll have to get out in your territory and do a few meet and greets. 

Here's a few things that may help you:

1. Join the local Chamber of Commerce and get involved with being on a committee or an officer and make sure when you go the the meeting you go alone, this forces you to talk to others.
2. Join a local network group if you have any in your area.
3. Chart how many calls you make every day, how many DM's you get on the phone and how many appointments you make, at the very minimum you will need 6 appointments per week.
4. Set a goal of 15 points each week. Use one point for appointments, 2 points for a demo and 3 points for an opportunity. An opportunity is a prospect that you've generated a quote/proposal and may order/close in the next 90 days.
5. Join the Premium Print4Pay Hotel forums, and collaborate with other industry sales professionals and see what they are doing on a daily basis to keep their sales funnel full! If you're a cheapskate you can get a basic FREE membership here.

I also use my 5 Step Box approach, all of this works, even if it sounds corny, hard work will get results.  Always keep this in mind, "the harder I work, the luckier I get".

-=Good Selling=-

10 Hints on How to Be Successful Selling Wide Format MFP's

The other day I received and email from Dean over at Affordable Business Systems.  He had purchased my book titled "How to Be Successful Selling Digital Wide Format Systems", and was curious if I had a vertical market letter to go along with book.  I stated I did and I would post that letter on the Premium Print4Pay Hotel forums, so he could download for his rep.

When Ricoh first released the Aficio 240W, geesh I can't even remember what it was, however I can remember that the Ricoh 240W was a kick ass system.  It was one of those rare moments in the industry when I had the only small footprint, low volume digital wide format toner based system (print, scan, copy, collate, reduce, enlarge) on the market that was priced at under $20,000. 

We had the market for almost two years with no competition, it was not uncommon to make over $3,000 in commissions per system.  The key was to engage with potential clients that were outsourcing their wide format prints and scans.  There was an immediate ROI to the customer since most were outsourcing 3,000 square feet a month at .25 cents to .50 cents per month.  Sales were awesome! As always good things come to an end and every copier manufacturer thus released their own version of low volume digital wide format system.

I thought I would share some of my wide format tips that I've gathered over the years.  I have put together a list of my top 10, I'll post five of them here and the rest I'll post on the Premium Print4Pay Hotel forums along with my vertical marketing letter. If you order my book and send me an email I'll email you the entire 10 tips:

1. Join your local AIA Association
2. Sponsor events for you local AIA Association such dinners, awards, continuing education events and golf outing.
3. Join your local Professional Engineering Association
4. Sponsor events for you local Professional Engineering Association such dinners, awards, continuing education events and golf outing.
5. Speak their language, get familiar with terms like red line, blueline, ANSI, vector, raster, as-built
6. Find out.............................................
7. Focus on scan.....................................
8. Know what the break point for .................................
9. Know what the customer is paying..................................
10.  Know the disadvantages of ......................

Even though the AEC market has suffered from the economy there are still a ton of these systems in the field.  They will all need to be upgraded.

=Good Selling=-