Thursday, July 29, 2010

KIP 700M is the Bees Knees!

The phrase "the bee's knees", meaning "the height of excellence", became popular in the U.S. in the 1920s.  So, I'm rolling back to the roaring 20's to tout the new KIP700M Digital Wide Fomat System.  With an MSRP of $13,595 which includes color scanning, printing and copying at 3"D" Size image per minute could also be called the 'the cat's pyjamas".

Here's some specs:

LED printer with KIP HDP Plus Technology
600 x 600 dpi
100%. No waste
1 roll, Media Bypass, Cut sheet feeder (20 pages - from A2 to A4) (option)
Bond, Vellum, Tranlucent Bond, Film
(W)1245mm x (D) 680mm x (H) 611mm (stand excl.)
Ethernet 10/100 Mbits/s, USB 2.0
AutoCAD 2004 and up
Contact Image Sensor (CIS)
HPGL, HPGL/2, HP-RTL, TIFF, CALS type 1, ED MICS (C4), DWF, CalComp 906/907/951, Adobe ®, PostScript/PDF (optional)

From everything I've found on the internet and a few posts from Print4Pay Hotel Members, it seems the KIP 700M will be a BIG DEAL!  With a list price of $13,595, and all indications that it will include color scan, copy, and print, the KIP 700M is a great value.

Here's a few threads I found on the web:

"I like that it has a cut sheet, you can load that up with 18" x 24" or 17" x 22" and put a 36" or 34" roll in the printer and print C, D and E size prints."

"A USB PORT to allow printing and saving documents scanned via the USB stick"

"Possibility to integrate a MULTIPLE CUT SHEET FEEDER (20 paper sheets from A4 to A2)"


Now, I have not seen all of the specs for this device yet. I'm thinking .pdf printing and scanning might be an option, not sure if it will scan2folder or scan2email, plus I'm not even sure of the controller speed, memory or hard drive size.  But at the price point of $13,595, this should be an attractive solution for many low volume users in the AEC market to save money and just may produce additional sales from AEC users who have older inkjet plotters. There are many AEC users that wanted to add copying and color scanning but they could never justify the cost of the current devices on the market.

I'm extremely excited to see this device come to market and I'm convinced the likes of OCE, Xerox and Ricoh will have to follow.  A Print4Pay Hotel Member posted a thread on the boards stating that KonicaMinolta will also be marketing this device. 

-=Good Selling=-

Ricoh 430DN Color Printer "What's the TCO"?

I posted this on the Print4Pay Cafe Blog, it's another Blog that I do, however it's geared towards the end users for printers, color printers, fax, mulituctional copiers, and scanners.

Take a trip here for Ricoh 430DN Color Printer "What's the TCO"?

-=Good Selling=-
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ricoh Wide Format Hits Skid Row

My how the mighty have fallen. With the introduction of the Ricoh 240W, it was one of the hottest wide format systems on the market. Ricoh had taken on the likes of Xerox (XES), OCE, and KIP, and had prevailed with an incredible low volume wide format system.

The key word in the last sentence is the word "had",  fasr forward six years later and the Ricoh Wide Format line is in shambles. There's been no upgrade to the W2400 or W3600 in three years and the promise of an upgrade has now been pushed to the last quarter of this year. In recent months,  Ricoh did release two higher volume systems, the Ricoh MP W5100 (10 "D" size per minute) and the MP W7140 (14 "D" Size per minute). What a time to release high volume systems when we're in the middle of the great recession and the AEC Market has been in the tank for a few years.

I'm thinking the current AEC market may have something to do with Ricoh not attacking a new low volume device, however if that was the case why did they come to market with the two high volumes units?

From what I've heard on the street,  there will be a replacement for the aged Ricoh MPW2400 and MP W3600.  The replacement will have color scanning, along with a USB support, and the ability to use a java card, however there will not be a reduction in the overall MSRP? Again,  this is what I've heard on the street and may or may not be the case. If someone has heard otherwise please post here.

In recent months, I've had the chance to speak to several people at Ricoh in reference to my thoughts on a new wide format system (quess, my opinions don't rate well with them) I was asking for a 2ppm or 3ppm LED system, with USB print support, optional color scanning, and of course the embedded print & scan controller. I also stated that an MSRP of $13,995 would be a great price point for the entire system with roll feeder, print, and scan. Alas, we are not going to get something like this. Instead Ricoh gave us the BEAST from the EAST (Epson 7700 and 9700), and NO margins!

Yesterday, I stated I tell you about what I think will be the hottest wide format to hit the market since the Ricoh 240W, if you'd like to find out more follow this link BECOME A PRINT4PAY HOTEL MEMBER

I've probably sold 80-100 wide format systems in my career, most have been down the street sales to commerial accounts. Now, I don't have specific data to back up this claim, however if I was asked to quess how many users were maxing out on the recommended volume of the Ricoh 240w's, MP W2400/3600's, I probably quess about 10%. Users that were over using the Ricoh's, probably about 5%, users at 50% of recommended volume, about 60%.

Over the past year or so, I've had many 240w's come off lease with less than 30k linear feet for 5 years!

The success of the Ricoh 240W is that is was the first low priced\low volume wide format system of it's kind. These systems were leased and purchased due to the fact that the clients were either outsourcing thier copies, scans or prints, and there was a tremdous savings to the end user. Others just wanted the convience of having a system where they could print 4 times faster than a plotter and could easily scan thier leagacy documents.

Point is, at least with the systems I had in the field is that most were under used. Hearing from other Print4Pay Hotel members over the year, I would tend to think that this is true for most of us who placed these units. So, while Ricoh rested on thier wide format laurels the likes of Xerox, KIP, and OCE have made tremendous in roads to the low volume market place. 

Well, at a list price of $13,595 this new system from .......will redefine who is a market leader...... read the rest here Print4Pay Hotel

-=Good Selling=-
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend Print4Pay Hotel MFP Industry Threads!

Hello All!

What's in it for Me?

P4P Value Page get access to all forums, rfp's, rfq's, proposals, quotes, and leads! pssst! We've now linked and uploaded leads, RFP's and RFQ's for more than 1,000 systems!

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MFP Wars "Samsung Poised for MFP Blitzkrieg

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New Samsung 11 x 17" Colour MFPs due Oct 01 USA

New Leads, RFP's & RFQ's Uploaded!
RFP for 350 copiers due soon
Lone Star State RFP for 137 copiers
Printers & Toner RFP in Denver
48 Printer RFP in the South Expires 8/9/10
48 month lease for 89 copiers
Large School MFP Bid in the Lone Star

Follow the links for FREE access to the Print4Pay Hotel Forums!

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Top 3 Challenges of Technology for Office Equipment Dealers

Challenges of Technology

Our Guest Blogger for July is Rick Backus. I've been able to work with Rick on several projects in the past and with each project Rick work was awesome. Rick's got an excellent piece this month and we plan to have more from Rick in the future!

 The race for new business that every dealership competes in has never been an easy or simple endeavor. However, as the technology of the industry has evolved from analog to digital, copy to print/scan dealers could typically look to their hardware vendors to assist in understanding the changing technology while they got up to speed.

Now dealers are once again facing challenges but this time the circumstances are dramatically different because the technology is considerably more complex.

The introduction and on-going integration of document management solutions into the sales repertoire puts new demands on the dealership infrastructure. Not least of which is how do you keep up with technology in order to offer your clients the best possible combinations of hardware, software and technical expertise?

There are essentially three options to choose from. Continue to rely on your existing hardware vendors who may offer various applications that will meet some level of document management capability. These are typically hardware specific and somewhat limited in their scope of both capability and customization. You may often find yourself trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Not something most clients will buy into as this will result is asking them to modify their process to match your applications functionality (or lack thereof). Clients want and need their vendor to create a solution that will automate, streamline and simplify their process. There will be times when process modification may be warranted, but that is a topic for a future conversation.

The second option is to develop or recruit employees with dedicated time and resources toward discovering, evaluating and testing all of the components that could go into a business solution. These individuals must be the proper mix of:

1) IT professional with network infrastructure, database, development and application skills.

2) Sales skills like articulate communication during meetings and appointments with prospects. Too much “IT speak” and you will lose the client. Demonstration ability to prove the relevant value and benefit of your solution options to clients.

3) Business Analyst with a thorough understanding of general business practices including AP, AR, Accounting/Finance, Inventory and other back-office functionality.

This is no simple task and merely promoting the current “IT person” is probably not the answer. This individual will be a key component in creating customer confidence in your organizations ability to provide and maintain a successful solution for their business challenges.

The final option is to partner with an organization that possesses the technical resources (as described in option two) to support your companies solution efforts either until you get in-house people up to speed or on a more permanent basis. The permanency of this relationship depends primarily on the type of solution practice your company plans to build. The intended level of involvement in supporting additional areas that are directly related to your solution practice such as network infrastructure and hardware play a key role in shaping your solution practice.

While all of these options have their pros and cons the most important take away from this is your company needs to do something. Sitting on the side lines with a handful of clients who are scanning documents to folders is not going to make you a sought-after solution provider. Review your long-term business strategy and decide how solutions and the technology behind them will provide your organization with a broader range of clients and the benefits that they will bring.

Cybercon Services is a technology management consultancy with over 25 years of business consulting, IT and office equipment industry experience. Whether your needs are building or retooling your business solutions practice, becoming a managed network services provider , leveraging best practices to improve your core business or updating your companies network infrastructure, Cybercon Services is uniquely positioned to help business equipment dealers realize their goals and overcome challenges. Visit or call 610.745.2481 today and let us tailor your plan for growth and success.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lead with MFP Solutions to the Table and Hardware will Follow!

I've had a few emails in recent weeks to try and get some threads in reference to solutions. There certainly are enough of them out there.

Just today I had an appointment with an IT Manager in New Jersey, company size is about 40 and they have numerous print, copy and fax devices.

The first thing I did was to ask for a tour of the facility. Once I had the ok, I fumbled for the pen and paper and we went to see all of the devices. This is probably the best way to start any appointment when you are engaging with a new client, so much can be learned from seeing how the machines are placed, where they are placed, how they ........... want to read the rest, go here Print4Pay Hotel Forums and become a member for free!

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Copier Rumors Unleashed!

Thought I'd take the time to share some rumors that have been posted on the Print4Pay Hotel forums. BTW, the "Rumor has it" thread has now generated over 3,000 page views.

Matt Espe going going gone!

Ricoh employee states Ricoh USA is now Ikon

Ricoh Americas moving to Malvern, PA

Hickling to take top spot at Ricoh Americas

One year ago Ikon had 3,000 MIF for Canon

KonicaMinolta will launch their own color A4 device

1,500 IKON people to be laid off by ......

Ricoh A4 Fleet to hit the street in.....

Samsung to launch A3 color devices in America

Could the next Ricoh Americas CEO come from Xerox?

These were all discussions on the Print4Pay Hotel forums, if you'd like to be a member of the largest social group of copier professionals in the world click here.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

haha "You Wanted the Multifunctional Copier When?"

I tell ya, sometimes this business will drive you mad.  I'll try to make a long story short for you all.

My month closes before the end of the month (special thanx to all you bean counters out there), I'm in this account pretty much mid month, they want "x brand and model multifunctional copier". I've got it, we're negotiating price and it comes down to they'll shop, np I'll walk and you call me when you're ready. Well the end of the month came and gone besides a few emails back and forth with the client nothing was going on.

A week after the month closes the customer calls me and states "we're leaning towards your company, however can we get it for this?" I thought enough of the games. I asked if I gave them that price will they lease from me, answer was yes. I scheduled an appointment to get the paperwork signed.

Now, a little background on this customer, they've been around for 20 years or so, I've called on them before, decent size SMB. I get there, I then find out they are moving and also that they are closing the old corp. and operating under another corporate name that's been around for two years, and then they want the system in 8 business days! I thought I could swing it with a fast approval, so much for the fast approval! They are not registered with D&B, really have no credit under the new corporate name. Let's face it in today's credit market, they are a risk that no one is willing to take.

I called them yesterday and with three days left to deliver I advised them that we'll need to get a PG to consider and move forward. That's were we are now with two days (they stated they may not want to do that, I don't think they have a choice at this point in time), oh forgot to tell you that the administrator told me that if they don't have the system on that day they'll have to pay extra for their network people to come back on site! HAHA

Kinda reminds me of being penny wise and dollar foolish, instead of shopping and wasting time, they should have committed way earlier and it's possible all of the credit issues could have been addressed earlier. There's saying in the Real Estate Industry that your first offer is usually your best offer, well the same can be said here.

To all of the buyers out there, the credit market is tough, especially when you are in business under 3 years! Expect to PG the lease, if you're not willing to do this, then you're wasting your time giving us additional trade references, or banking references. Be up front with your sales person and we can guide you to the right process and get your financing approved. Don't drop bombs at the last moment and expect us to perform miracles and deliver on "x" date. You want it when? haha

-=Good Selling=-

Sunday, July 11, 2010

MFP Wars "Samsung Poised for MFP Battle"

Who said Samsung was just selling A4 MFP's. Coming to the Americas in the near future the Samsung CLX-9350ND.

The Samsung CLX-9350ND is a full featured A3 (will copy, print or scan up to 11x17) that will print and copy at speeds of up to 35 pages per minute in color and monochrome. This system will offer a full color GUI (Graphic User Interface), multiple paper banks, document feeder, by-pass, duplex (copy and print) along with stapler finisher. Max print resolution is 9600 equivalent x 600 dpi, standard PCL, PCL5c, Post Script 3 and it will scan at a blistering 60 pages per minute in either monochrome or color.

Rumor has it that this system will be launched in the UK first and then the Americas.

As of right now Samsung is only marketing A4 (systems that do NOT copy, print or scan 11x17) devices in the US, when looking at their web site in Korea there's a treasure trove of A3 devices. Devices like the CLX-9250ND a 25ppm color & monochrome full featured MFP, the CLX-9035 another full featured color and monochrome system, the CLX-9000G  a 28ppm color and monochrome full featured MFP, the SCX-7600PG a full featured monochrome MFP (rumor has it that Samsung will also be coming to market with monochrome A3 devices in the US soon), there's also a 45ppm device and we're still waiting to see if the rumors of a 70 and 90ppm A4 device will come true. 

Point is, with the the recent mergers and acquisitions in the copier/mfp market place, Samsung seems poised to gain market share from the likes of Xerox, Ricoh, Canon and KonicaMinolta. When speaking with a Samsung Dealer Rep the other day, I heard of many success stories with multiple take downs of large accounts with their current A4 devices.  Word on the street is Samsung wants to be a Manufacturer of Choice and not a secondary line for dealers.  Personally, I think the products are awesome and the only way they could screw this up is if they opened up Direct Branches.

BTW, it was a Print4Pay Hotel member that posted information on this device in the P4P Hotel forums, kudos to that member!

-=Good Selling=-

MFP Wars "Bizhub C35 Scores Direct Hit"

With monochrome pages on A3 devices declining by 40% and color increasing by 30%, it's not an attractive model anymore. But the news is different with A4 devices, while monochrome pages are decreasing by 10%, color pages printed on A4 devices will increase by 50%. Konica Minolta referred to a forecast from a market-research firm.

Thus, the birth of the "mini" KonicaMinolta bizhub C35 A4 (not capable of scanning, printing or copying onto 11x17 size paper) which allows users to produce monochrome and color pages at a rate of 31 pages per minute.

What's to like?

Speed 31 pages per minute in monochrome or color
Full Color Display
120,000 page Monthly Duty Cycle
Reversing Doc Feeder that will 50 pages
Auto Duplex
PC Fax
Fax Forwarding

I could go on and on with speeds, feeds and features, if you want see for yourself access the bizhub35 brochure

Total Cost of Operation

What I'd really like to focus on is the TCO (Total Cost of Operation). How much does it cost to make a copy of print with this system?

The system requires 4 cartridges of toner be in the machine at all times. Color toner cartridges will cost you $110 each with a yield of 4,600 pages, thus the cost per page for each color cartridge is .0239.  The black toner cartridge has a cost of $45 and the yield is 5,200 pages, thus the cost per page for black is .0087.  Your total toner cost is .0804 which is not that bad for a system with a purchase price of about $3,500.  Keep in mind that printing or copying pages with heavy coverage will increase your costs. 

You'll also need to figure in Imaging Kits.  There are three color imaging kits that will cost $230 each with a yield of 30,000 pages, thus the cost per page for a color imaging kit is .00766. The black imaging kit is $130 and also has a yield of 30,000 pages, thus the cost per page for the black imaging unit is .0043.  Your total imaging kit cost per page is then .0271.

When adding the toner cartridges and the imaging kits we have a total of .1141 (11 cents).  There's two additional consumable items that will be needed.  One is a fuser kit and the the other is a transfer belt, as of right now I've not been able to find a cost and yield for these.  I'm thinking that the total cost per page for this device would come in around .13 cents per page and that would not include any repairs that would be needed. 

This system fills a much needed gap in the color MFP market, between the SOHO and mid market levels and may also generate additional placements for those in the Managed Print Services.

Whats Not to Like?

No Finsihing Capabilities (stapling or hole punch)
High Cost Per Page
Monthly Duty Cycle of 120,000 pages (I don't think so, if you every did 120,000 pages in a month on this device you'd spend over $15,000 in consumables)
Print & Copy Resolution is 600x600 dpi

Even with some of the "not to like" this system should be a winner for reps that need something above the SOHO model and less expensive than the smallest A3 (will copy or print to 11x17) model.

Information was gathered from KM's web site and information posted on the forums of the Print4Pay Hotel.  If you're not a member, consider joining the largest social network of copier/mfp professionals in the world.

=Good Selling=

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Print4Pay Hotel's Weekend Updates 7/4/10

We've made it halfway through the year, I hope everyone else is doing well with business.  From my last updates quotes and business is much better than this time last year, just hoping we can continue to ride the wave for many more months!

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Posted Price Quotes:

Xerox 7346 Color MFP Proposal
Xerox 7346_lanier 550_kyocera color Proposal
Canon Color imageRUNNER C2550 proposal
Canon Color imageRUNNER C3080i proposal
Canon Color imageRUNNER C3480i proposal
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Leads, RFP's & RFQ's:

2 MFP's Bid RFP for Mid West America
Color Copier Bid in South Africa
Major NJ Bid MFP "College"
Request for Proposals for Document Image Scanning Services
Large School MFP bid in Southwest, USA
50+ MFP RFP in Southeast, USA
Wide Format Bid in Arizona due July 7th, 2010

The Print4Pay Hotel is the world's only business/social site dedicated to people who work in the office equipment industry. Go ahead log on.....become a member of the Print4Pay Hotel!

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Top Ten Copier or MFP's Do's and Don'ts

You've just received your new system, the operators manual is boring you to tears, the rep they sent over for training had a hard time finding the BIG GREEN Copy button, so what do you need to know to keep your system in tip top condition?

1. Damp Paper is one of the most common problems in copiers and MFP today's. How do you know if your paper is damp? Pretty easy to tell, copies and or prints will have blank (white) splotches where there is no print. Want to confirm it? Turn the paper over and copy or print on the back side,  if the copy or print is good, that means the paper was damp. Go get your self a few of these neat anti moisture Gel packs and keep one in every paper tray of the copier or MFP, thus if the AC is off for the weekend or night these Gel packs will solve the issue once and for all!

2. Did you know that the wrapper for a ream of paper also acts as a moisture barrier? Seal open reams with tape or place open reams of paper in a plastic container and throw in a few of the anti moisture gel packs.

3. Avoiding paper jams: Make sure you are using the stock and weight that the manufacturers recommend (check that dam boring op manual or go to the manufacturers web site and check the specs). We see it all the time,the previous copier we had or the copy/printer from my last job was able to feed 80lb cover, can't understand why this one won't!

4. Leave your copier on 24/7. In today's "green" world, most technology has a power-saving mode and an auto off feature. When in doubt shut it down, and if you forget the system will most likely do it for you!

5. Avoiding paper jams: Read the wrapper of the paper, most of the wrappers will have a statement that reads "copy or print this side first" with a little arrow showing which side.

6. Avoiding paper jams: After opening that new pack of paper, hold it with both hands on the long edge and gently bend and then fan the paper a few times, then place the paper in the tray and make sure the side and stop fences in the paper tray of firmly resting on the edges!

7. Avoiding paper jams: Check the paper drawer of the copier some of the older system have a mechanical dial to set the paper size, putting the wrong paper size in and not changing the dial will result in jam or misfeed. Most newer systems will auto read the paper size and some others you may have to program into the system.

8. When using the by-pass tray, you know the little tray on the side of the copier that the rep stated you could feed envelopes and when you did all you had was misfeeds or wrinkled envelopes. Never ever leave the tray open with paper in it for more than a few hours, dust, dirt, staples and other objects will lay on top of the paper. Thus using the copier or printer this will damage the equipment.

9. Do not put your copier near the office thermostat, the copier will produce heat, thus throwing off the thermostat.

10. Do not make copies with the lid open! You'll waste toner and cause premature wear of consumables.

Lastly if you're in need of consulting for a new fleet of equipment or just one or two, feel free to send me an email. I can get you through the do's and don't's of leasing, buying, maintenance agreements and can give you creative alternatives to reduce paper or right size your systems!.

-=Art Post=-