Friday, August 3, 2007

Features I'd Like to See with MFP's

I'm back from a few weeks off, and while I was away I thought about some cool features that I'd like to see in MFP's.

Scan2Print: Which would allow me to scan, save and then print to any printer on the network.

Fax Server: The ability to add multi-port modem cards (more than 3 modems) into the MFP and let me designate where to forward the faxes, either to a folder on the pc or via multiple email addresses.

Auto Binding & Hole Punching: While some of these features are available on high end units, I think its about time that these features move to segment 3 devices. Holepunching would have to be similar to the GBC Pronto and have the same type of feature set.

Copy Save: Every copy that was ever made was saved and routed to a server for archive, once there it can be archived in a Document Management Software.