Monday, April 29, 2013

New Ricoh MPC8002 & MPC6502 Sneak Peek

On April 25th Ricoh Japan launched the much anticipated launch of their new high speed color MFP. For those of us in the states, we've been waiting along time for the refresh of the current MPC6501 and MPC7501. 

I've been told that the system will not launch in the US until the current inventory of MPC6501's and 7501's have been depleted.  I can hope that this will happen sooner rather than later since we are so far behind the curve of technology with the old systems.

So, what's new?  I've been told (rumor) that the new MPC 8002 and MPC6502 is a new clean sheet design.  What I'll do is post some of the specs for the new systems, because at this point that's about all I know.

COPY Features

Maximum Print Size through by-pass:  13x19 
Memory: 2.5GB
Paper Trays Maximum Thickness: 256 gsm
By-Pass Maximum Thickness: 300 gsm
Duplex Maximum Thickness:  256 gsm
Scan Resolution: 600x600
Print Resolution: 1200dpi x 4800 dpi
First Copy Black Time for MPC8002: 4.8 seconds/Color 6.4 seconds
First Copy Black Time for MPC6502: 6.4 seconds/Color 7.5 seconds
MPC 8002 Speed: 80 letter size pages per minute
MPC 6502 Speed: 65 letter size pages per minute

PRINT Features

First Print Black Time for MPC8002: 4.8 seconds/Color 6.4 seconds
First Print Black Time for MPC6502: 5.5 seconds/Color 7.5 seconds
Print Resolution: 1200dpi x 4800 dpi
Standard PDL's: RPDL, RPCS & PDF Direct
PDL's Options:  PSIII, PCL6 (PCL XL & PCL5) Note: This is the first time I've seen the PCL drivers as an option for the Ricoh products
Media Print: USB 2.0/SD card slots, USB 2.0 & Ethernet

SCANNER Features

Black & White Single Sided Scanning 120 pages per minute, color 120 pages per minute Note: These are some impressive speeds for single page scanning

Color Double Sided Scanning 220 pages per minute, color 220 pages per minute Note: These are some impressive speeds for two sided documents also

Scan2email, Scan2folder, Scan2url, scan2ftp should be identical to all of the other 02 series.

Stay tuner for next week, when we'll go over some of the additional paper handling options. Please keep in mind that this system was launched in Japan and these specs may or may not be available when the system launches around the globe.

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Anonymous said...

I have off good authority that this design is the make or break for Ricoh. And apparently it's not as "clean sheet" as we were all hoping.

Lou Morda said...

i've got insider info that the dealers in the states are starting to market these machines... in fact i've been tasked with putting them on our website!

Keystone Business Products - an authorized Lanier and Ricoh dealership

thanks for the (rumored?) specs.

art post said...

lou I appreciate a response, however your reference to rumors specs? This thread is over a month old and we were already talking about the specs a month to two months prior to that on the print for pay hotel forums. Thanks again