Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ricoh Introduces New Production Printers

This was posted on the Print4Pay Hotel Message Boards today. I added a few items for everyone. Enjoy!

The Ricoh Pro 907/1107/1307 series was officially released last week. This is the new, print only version of the Katana series and it's targeted at Data Centers. It's co-developed with both Ricoh and Hitachi technology.

With it's release, the Pro 1357 becomes Ricoh's flagship monochrome printer. Effective immediately, the Pro 907 and the Pro 1107 replace the DDP 92. The DDP 70e is now discontinued.

In comparison to the DDP models, these new products offer stacker options. These stacker options lend themselves very well to the Data Center marketplace.

Although the print only version of the Pro 907/1107/1357 is very similar to the copy version, there are some notable differences. Here's a brief summary of the major differences:

*New DC (Data Center) Print Controller for the print only series (features dual CPUs to drive the engines at rated speeds)
*MICR Printing will be supported by the end of the year on the Pro 1357 (MICR Printing on the Pro 907/1107 will be available 30-60 days later)
*The Ring Binder and Perfect Binder options are not available for the print only series
*The Fiery and MicroPress options are not available for the printer series

What's New!

There's a new Multi-folding Unit (FD 5000, which will accomdate six different folding patterns, locking paper tray and stacking trays, MICR Toner, standard De-Curl Unit, DC (Data Center) Conntroller, and IPDS.

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