Sunday, February 27, 2011

MFP Weekend Industry Notes for 2/27/2011

Special thanx to Print4Pay Hotel members and moles from across the globe  for posting these updates on the P4P Hotel forums!

- Canon announced that it has finalized sale of its interest in a semiconductor plant in Singapore to Micron Technology of Boise, Idaho.
- Canon, Samsung and Hewlett Packard were all sued by Lodsys LLC in regards to alleged patent infringement over technology that exchanges info with customers via printers.

- Canon announced it will donate “one million dollars of in-kind printing services” from its LA branch to Operation HOPE. Curriculum will be printed by Canon and distributed by HOPE Corps to educate youth at no cost in area school districts, according to Canon’s VP of Zone Operations Eddie Saji.

- Marvell Technology (which makes print controller technology for companies like Xerox, etc.) was sued by Link A Media Devices Corp. over alleged patent infringement regarding hard drive technology.

- Zoran of California, which makes controllers for MFPs (i.e. Xerox, Canon, Ricoh, Sharp, etc.) as well as DVD players, Blu-Ray players, cable TV boxes and video games, announced it will be launching a product called “DirectOffice Mobile Print”.

o This new option for its print controllers will allow end users to print to their MFPs from smartphones and tablets via WiFi wireless technologies.

o Made in partnership with another print controller technology company, Software Imaging Inc. of England.

- Okidata is launching the pro905DP, which is a color desktop LED-based toner printer that is specially made for envelope printing. MSRP of $18,995 and includes an EFI Fiery.

- Hewlett Packard announced it has acquired Vertica Systems Inc. of Billerica, Massachusetts, which makes software that “helps business spot trends hidden in large amounts of data”. Purchase price not announced.

- Hewlett Packard announced that LG Electronics will relabel some of its printers in Asia. LG already relabels product from Lexmark.

- HP’s new CEO, Leo Apotheker, purchased a 6 bedroom home in Atherton, CA for $7 million.

- HP announced it won a 7 year, $281 million managed IT services contract from Oklahoma Healthcare Authority.

- Hewlett Packard announced HP Digital Health Solutions:

o Portfolio of products, solutions and partnerships

o holistically addresses the technology needs of care delivery

o expanded solution framework and formal reference architectures

o real-time information environment

o enable healthcare organizations to link to monitor health and deliver care to patients

o On display in the HP Health Solutions Center showroom in Plano, TX

- IKON, a division of Ricoh, announced it has filed suit against two former FM employees for supposedly violating a non-compete clause. The suit was filed against John Kolacinski and Robert Hornbeck, who now work for Myriad Litigation Solutions of California.

- Electronics For Imaging, maker of the Fiery print server, announced:

o It will buy back $30 million of its stock shares

o Has acquired Streamline Development, maker of PrintStream management information systems (MIS) software for printshop owners

- Kodak announced it sold a Prosper 5000XL production color inkjet system to Servinform, a printshop in Spain.

- Survey on proposed new leasing rules, by Deloitte:

o Only 7% of companies polled are ready for new rules, which would force companies to put leases on their books

o 80% say it will add burden to their financial reporting

o 40% said it will make it more difficult to obtain financing

o 40% believe it will force them into shorter term leases

o 35% don’t believe that their company’s lease data is accurate

o 25% believe it will require them to upgrade their existing IT systems

- Sharp announced it filed a lawsuit against a former Sharp branch copier sales rep in Phoenix, AZ. The lawsuit is aimed at Brenda Luettenegger, for allegedly violating a non-compete clause.

- According to one industry publication, the new Sharp copiers with the “Apple iPhone-like” touchscreen color LCDs, have been locking up in product demonstrations.

- The largest Sharp dealer in Canada, is Pitney Bowes, with a number of locations in the country. (while Pitney Bowes spun off it copier business in the U.S. as Imagistics, which is now part of Canon, it did not do so in Canada)

- Square 9 Softworks of New Haven, CT, maker of the SmartSearch document management software (DMS), announced that it now has panel integration option for both Xerox copiers (with EIP) and Sharp copiers (with OSA). It is also working on integration with Kodak desktop scanners

- OpenText of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, (maker of RightFax, FaxPress, and document management software) announced it has completed its acquisition of Metastorm of Baltimore, Maryland, which makes business process management software, for $182 million.

- DocuLex, maker of document management software, announced that it has new feature allowing end users to pull email out of Microsoft Exchange 2010.

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Can Color Copiers & MFP Print Money? Well yes, however.....

I got nothing against a guy or gal trying to make a buck!  But FOR THE LOVE OF GOD don't copy or print money on color copiers!!!  The dumb asses below were all arrested for using fake bills! 

To anyone that's thinking about, don't do it!  There's a code that is printed on every sheet of paper that's not visible to you or me, however it is visible to the Feds, and they can track the serial number of the device and where it was sold!!

Ronald Lindsey Bafile of Atlanta, Georgia, was arrested by police after trying to sell fake $20 and $50 bills he made on a color copier to undercover police. Apparently he was selling the fake money to pay for his addiction to marijuana and methamphetamine.

Anthony Paris, Kristy Guilds, Jeremy Rowe and Mitch McQuaid were all arrested in Oswego, New York, after trying to use fake $20 bills at a local McDonalds, that they made using a color copier.

Police arrested John Kenneth Martin of Diboll, Texas after they caught him trying to use fake $10 dollar bills he created on a color copier in order to get a burger from Jack in the Box fast food restaurant.

- Mark Allen Dearborn of Gilbert, Iowa was arrested by local police after he was caught with fake $20 bills that he made on a color copier, trying to make a purchase at a local Walmart.

- Lorree Ann Capps of Anderson, South Carolina was sentenced to 30 months in prison for making fake $20 bills using a color copier.

- Janelle Newsome and Richard Gladfelter were arrested for allegedly creating fake $10 and $20 bills using a color copier in South Charleston, WV.

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TASKalfa 255C and TASKalfa 205C "Spec Review"

Kyocera (aka Kyota Ceramic Company) launched two new A3 color laser MFPs, called the TASKalfa 255C and TASKalfa 205C featuring:

o Are part of “SMARTtech” series or “Simple Management and Replacement Technology”

 Claims that a PM can be performed in under 10 minutes due to cartridge based, tool-free design

 PM cycle is 300,000

o advertised as offering benefits of A3 paper size, at the price of competitive A4 units

o Base MSRPs of $8259 and $7149

o Top speeds of 25ppm and 20ppm respectively

o Max duty cycles of 40K/month

o Very small 4.3” color LCD touchscreen

o Amorphous silicon (ASi ceramic) drum with expected life of 200,000 pages

o Black toner yield of 12,000 pages based on 5% coverage per page

 Color toners yield 6,000 page each

 Waste toner receptacle with yield of 7,500 pages (unit apparently does NOT recycle toner)

o 45 second warmup time, 13.6 second first copy out time

o 600x600dpi actual print resolution

o Auto duplex standard

o Maximum paper supply of 1,600 sheets

 Comes standard with 550 sheet drawer and 50 sheet bypass

 Drawers hold up to 64gsm

 Max paper size of 11”x17”

 Bypass can hold up to 140lb. index

o 50 sheet document feeder standard (top scan speed of 20opm)

o Shipped with no Styrofoam packing in the box

o Shipped on pallet entirely made of cardboard instead of wood

o Optional 400dpi fax board

o Optional 50 sheet stapling finisher

o Built-in print controller

 Made by Peerless (now a division of Kyocera)

 800MHz IBM PowerPC processor

 USB port on control panel

 10/100/1000BaseT ports

 PCL, XPS and PostScript print drivers

 1GB RAM standard (can upgrade to 2GB)

 No hard drive available

 IPv6 support

 Integration with MS Windows Active Directory standard

 Optional HID card reader

 Scan to email with LDAP/SMB/SMTP/FTP/TWAIN

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Samsung MultiXpress CLX-9359DN and 9250ND "Spec Review"

Samsung of Korea announced it is finally shipping its A3 color laser MFPs into the U.S. Details:

o models to ship are the MultiXpress CLX-9350ND and 9250ND

o Base MSRPs of $14,498 and $10,802 respectively

o top speeds of 35ppm and 25ppm respectively

o 8.9” color touchscreen LCD

 End users can customize the interface

o 10.5 second first color copy out time

o Black toner yield of 25,000 pages based on 5%

 Color toners yield 15,000 pages

 Imaging units yield 75,000 pages

 Waste toner receptacle yield of 75,000 pages

o Advertised as offering up to 2400dpi (with interpolation, and offers up to 4 bits per pixel)

o 4 tandem OPC drum design

o Optional 600dpi fax board

o Reversing document feeder holds up to 100 originals (does NOT scan both sides of original at same time)

o Paper drawers have LEDs that light up to indicate when they are running low on paper

 Standard bypass holds up to 12”x18” paper, up to 100 sheets

 comes standard with two 520 sheet drawers

 optional 2,000 sheet letter size stand

 maximum paper capacity of 3,140 sheets

o Optional external stapling, bookletmaking finisher

o built-in print controller:

 actual maker unknown

 1GB RAM (can upgrade to 2GB)

 250GB hard drive (only 88GB for document storage)

 PCL, PostScript and XPS print drivers standard

 10/100/1000BaseT and USB ports standard

 Scanning includes TWAIN/email/USB/FTP/SMB/HDD/WebDAV/PC

 eXtensible Open Architecture (XOA) allows for optional embedded software

o Also shipping the MultiXpress SCX-8040ND and 8030ND b/w A3 MFPs, have same features as the color models except:

 Top speeds of 40ppm and 30ppm respectively

 Base MSRPs of $11,374 and $9916 respectively

 Single OPC drum

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ricoh MP C2051 and MP C2551 "Spec Review"

- Details on the new Ricoh A3 color laser MFPs, the Aficio MP C2051 and 2551 series:

o top speeds of 20ppm and 25ppm respectively

o Base MSRPs of $6,450 for C2051 and $8750 for C2551

o uses 4 tandem OPC drums w/PxP polymerized toner

o Induction heating belt fusing system

o 8.5” color touchscreen LCD control panel w/customizable icons

o 30 second warmup time, 10 seconds to recover from sleep mode with 9.2 second first color copy out time

o 600x600dpi as copier, 1200x1200dpi as printer, 4 bit
o Document feeder holds up to 50 originals with top color scan speed of 44opm

o Auto duplex standard, but can not handle card stock

o Comes standard with two 250 sheet paper drawers and 100 sheet stack bypass

 With options, can expand paper supply to 4,400 sheets maximum

• $580 to add 550 sheet paper drawer

• $1780 to add two 550 sheet drawers

• $1990 for 2,000 sheet letter drawer

• Bypass can hold up to 100 sheets, up to 12”x18” for tabloid full bleed output

• Bypass holds up to 256gsm for simplex output only

• Option can convert paper drawer to envelope feeder for $280

o Support App2Me for panel integration with third party software

o Includes 1 user license of Personal Paperless Document Management (PPDM) for simple OCR loaded on one PC

o Finishing options include

 250 sheet internal shift tray (no stapling) for $338

• Optional 2/3 hole punch for $765

o Optional $1375 analog fax board

 200dpi standard, can upgrade to 400dpi maximum with $195 RAM board

 Optional Internet Fax

o Built-in “GW” print controller

 Actual maker unknown (most likely Oak Technology)

 600MHz Intel Celeron processor

 1.5GB RAM standard (can not upgrade)

 160GB hard drive standard

• Requires $605 File Format Converter Kit to use boxes

• Comes standard with hard drive data overwrite, but ISO 15408 Common Criteria certified data overwrite is a $390 option

 PCL & XPS print drivers standard

• PostScript print driver for $611

 10/100BaseT port standard

• 1000BaseT port is $460

• WiFi for $565

• Optional USB port is for scan to and print from thumb drive

o Also accepts SD digital camera memory cards for $356

o Accept connection from digital camera for $267

 Optional IPv6 support

 Scan features standard include Twain/email/LDAP/SMB/FTP/URL

• Optional OCR called “ESA Transformer”

• Optional GlobalScan NX for routing

-=Good Selling=-

This Week in Xerox "TWIX Notes"

- Xerox announced it sold:

o Xerox 700 Digital Color Press to Fuller Davies, a printshop in Ipswich, England

o Two Xerox iGen4 EXP production color systems to EarthDigital of New Jersey.

- Xerox announced it terminated an undisclosed amount of employees from its research and development office in Webster, NY, in a cost cutting move.

- Xerox is showing its new production color wax printer, temporarily named “Xerox Production Inkjet System”. Details:

o uses the hot melted wax technology it acquired when it bought the Phaser printer division several years ago from Tektronix of Oregon

o this technology is also used in the Xerox ColorQube color wax copiers

o top speed of 2,200 letter size images per minute (500 feet per minute of paper on rolls)

o claims that company has several beta models in the field for testing in customer environments

o able to print on lightweight stock with no apparent ink soak through issues

o self adjusts in case wax nozzles are not firing properly

o print controller offers variable data option

o highest de-inkability rating from INGEDE, meaning it is easier to recycle pages printed on this device compared with water-based inkjet models

o supposedly based on 2,000 patents

o has intelligent scan bar that checks billions of hot wax droplets per second for registration

o pricing unknown at this time

- Xerox’s ACS office in Columbus, Ohio is in trouble after accidentally printing the social security numbers of 8,400 state child care providers on the outside of envelopes for a mailing, as part of its contract with the state.

- Xerox gave out a “Top Performer” award to XMC, a sales agent in Memphis, TN.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Smart MFP's "To the Cloud"

It's not often that I get excited about a third party solution provider for copier and MFP's.  Print Audit remains one of my favs, however another company has garnered my attention.

I found UDOCX (short for Unified Document Exchange) on a thread that they posted on the Print4Pay Hotel forums.  In fact we were discussing cloud based MFP solutions and UDOCX was one of two companies mentioned as Software As a Service (SAAS)

You all know what I do, off to the web to check out their web site.  So, what I found out is that this seems to be be AWESOME.  Probably what I like most is that NO software is required to "Print from", "Scan2", "Print Email", "Scan2fax" and more!

I borrowed this from the brochure:

UDOCX is a cloud-based document processing service that extends your browser-embedded MFP with mail, print, store and fax features without the need to install or maintain any additional software or hardware and while protecting a company’s compliancy and security policies.

Just lately and I'm talking the last 6-12 months, I've heard more IT people say that they don't want additional software on their servers nor do they want to store/maintain an additional server.  UDOCX requires no server is sold as a monthly subscription service, buy it for one MFP of a fleet of MFP's.  You may ask, what's the cost, well,.....I know the cost however I'll leave that to the folks at UDOCX and I believe the cost is extremely reasonable for the features and service that's provided.

I was able to connect with UDOCX the other morning, we had a webex for 6AM my time from the folks in the Netherlands. So I've had the opportunity to view how the software works with the MFP browser and they were able to show me "ease of use" with the solution.

So, if you get the chance go to the UDOCX web site, download the brochure, view the site, set up a trial and above all tell em that you heard about them from the Print4Pay Hotel.

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Print4Pay Hotel to Launch New Copier & MFP Web Portal

When you only have to rely on yourself, sometimes things can take awhile. 

I've just about finished a major upgrade to the P4P Hotel web portal. The new portal will be the "go to" place for industry news, videos, blogs, guest bloggers and industry related  threads and discussions.  We've consolidated all of the manufacturers web forums into one neat package.  Every manufacturer is now represented on one simple forum.

BTW, make sure you check out our articles that can be purchased and downloaded and you may also want to get some P4P Hotel gear and have it around the office to remind everyone that the Prin4Pay Hotel is be the best source on the web for real "feet on the street" information!

So, keep checking in every day to and we'll have a new experience for you!

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Samsung Looks to Penetrate US A3 Copier & MFP Market

The rumors started about a year ago that Samsung would enter the A3 Copier & MFP market.  Just to clarify A3 devices allows users to scan, copy, fax and print documents up to 11x17 (tabloid).

Today marked the official launch of 4 A3 devices in the US:

•CLX-9250ND – MSRP; $10,802 (25 PPM color)
•CLX-9350ND – MSRP; $14,498 (35 PPM color)
•SCX-8030ND – MSRP; $9,916 (30 PPM monochrome)
•SCX-8040ND – MSRP; $11,374 (40 PPM monochrome)

I'm kinda wishy washy with them entering the A3 market, I'm not sure if it's the right move for them. For about a year I had heard rumors on the street that Samsung would counter with higher speed A4 devices like a 60, 70 and 90ppm devices. I strongly believe if Samsung had come to market with these A4 devices at these speeds they would have turned the MFP/Copier world on their heels. It's not a secret that 95% of the pages printed in the US are letter and legal.

Just the other day I was at an account that's in the financial business, I was there to inspect 5 devices that were all 60 pages per minute to 90 pages per minute. I printed a report from each to device to get current meter reads, how often duplex was used, stapling, etc.  I made it a point to check the 11x17 output for these devices, and each system was a big fat ZERO for 11x17's that were printed or copied. 

I'm thinking Samsung should have stayed with a strength and developed the higher speed A4's to take market share away from Ricoh, Canon, Xerox and KonicaMinolta.  The foray into the A3 market place may be a big mistake.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Office Copiers take to the Cloud!

Finally, after almost 8 years, scanning documents and printing documents to and from the Cloud is gaining acceptance.  Back in 2003 Ricoh introduced a "Cloud" Document Management System for the web, it combined Document Management software and off-site storage for those documents.  Users could share, revise and collaborate on documents that they uploaded from either the PC or the Copier/MFP.  Ricoh as far as I know had built the first Cloud MFP connector for Document Mall.

Eight years later, the "Cloud" is now embraced rather then rejected for fear of a company losing their content to hackers, or competitors.  The next version of "Smart MFP's" will allow users to connect to a Manufacturers Cloud or a third party Cloud service. 

Recently there have been many discussions on the Print4Pay Hotel forums on "Cloud Services" and how it will affect the way we do business. 

Below are clips of the discussions:

I am learning about scanning to the cloud from any MFP via email by opening a free account at......
by SSG

A real interesting concept from Lexmark by SSG

Most of my customers do not trust the cloud, those who do already have..... by AP

You can even scan directly and securely to the cloud from your Ricoh MFP(to Microsoft Online, Office 365 BPOS, SharePoint). Just take a look at Constanzek

Look forward, reason back. How many of us have big generators in the parking lot because we like to be in control of our own electrical uptime? Very few. Walk into any business and ask to CashGAP

Other topics posted include "Can you trust the Cloud?", "The Snow Cloud", and "The Great Cloud Fight". 

Whether we like it or not, the Cloud is here to stay and presents and excellent revenue stream for Manufacturers such as Xerox, Ricoh, Canon and KonicaMinolta.  I would bet dollars to doughnuts that all of the copier manufacturers will offer this service as an additional option in the future.  I also wouldn't doubt that some of these smaller Cloud companies get purchased in the near future. 

Keep in  mind that the Cloud does not have to be for document storage and collaboration, the Cloud can print, the Cloud can fax and the Cloud can also host programs than can be used on line.

Some may ask, what's the downfall?  Anyone care to comment on the downfall of the Cloud, fell free to post here. Here's a good article from the people at MS, Know Your Cloud.

-=Good Selling=-

Sunday, February 13, 2011

This Week in Xerox "TWIX Notes"

Xerox acquired a provider of electronic health records (EHR) solutions to the healthcare vertical:

o Acquired WaterWare Internet Services Inc.

o Based in San Jose, CA

o Specializes in storing EHR data online called Aquifer EHR Edition

o Offers a system that pharmacists can use to manage patients’ prescriptions called Nile Pharmacy

o Will work alongside Xerox DocuShare software
- Xerox announced that it was issued a total of 1,031 patents in 2010, up 46%. The patents are not only from office equipment division, but also from ACS and XMPie divisions.
- Xerox CEO, Ursula Burns, announced she has sold her condominium in New York for $2.5 million. She now lists an address in New Canaan, CT, which is much closer to Xerox’s headquarters in Norwalk, CT.
- Xerox announced it sold a DocuColor 7002 system to LT Print Group of Wirral, England.

- Xerox announced it will use Microsoft’s new Azure cloud computing platform to launch Xerox Cloud Print, a chargeable service that will allow end users to route a printing job to any available public printing, directly from their mobile devices.
- Xerox and data security. Brendan O’Connor of Black Hat USA, published instructions on how to hack into a Xerox WorkCentre MFP, through its Linux based operating system. Details on what he was able to do after hacking in:

o Steal passwords

o Collect all print jobs remotely

o Reset or change meters to affect copy charges from Xerox

o Change default print template, or print random pages

o Firewall network ports

o Schedule random reboots

o Randomly email print and scan jobs to other people

o Make long distance connections with fax modem

o Shut down device

- Xerox announced that it was recognized for the fifth consecutive year by J.D. Power and Associates for providing “An Outstanding Customer Service Experience”. Based on results of a survey of more than 1,000 Xerox customers.

-=Good Selling=-

New Sharp "Aires" MFP's Equal Apple iPad Control Panels

Sharp will launch a new series of color laser A3 MFPs (code-named “Aries”) that will have control panels similar to an Apple iPad. Tentative specs:

o 10.1” color touchscreen LCD display

 Touch screen responds to same types of gestures used with iPad or iPhone, such as flick, tap, slide and drag

 Besides the touchscreen, there are apparently no hard buttons

 Display can be configured with icons just like a desktop computer

 Sharp sales reps may have a demo LCD to show customers on sales calls preconfigured with icons that relate to their business

o Models are MX-2610N, MX-3110N and MX-3610N

o Range in speed from 26ppm to 36ppm

o Uses new toner technology

o 1200x1200dpi print, 600x600dpi copy

 Advertised as offering 9600dpi with interpolation

 Max of 4 bits per pixel

o New product will be shown to dealers at the Sharp dealer meeting held at Wynn resort in Las Vegas during week of 3/14/2011

o 4 tandem OPC drum design

o 20 second warmup time from sleep mode

o 6.8 second first copy out time

o Optional 400dpi fax board (options allow for up to 3 fax lines)

 Internet fax is option

o Comes standard with document feeder

 Holds up to 100 originals

 Top scan speed of 50opm b/w and 36opm color

 Does NOT scan both sides of original at same time

o Comes standard with 550 sheet paper drawer and 100 sheet stack bypass

 Can add up to three more 550 sheet paper drawers

 Optional 4,000 sheet large capacity deck

o Finishing options include:

 MX-FN10 booklet making finisher (15 sheet booklet max)

 MX-FN17 50 sheet stapling finisher

 MX-PNX5A punch kit

o Built-in print controller

 Actual maker unknown (most likely Zoran)


 160GB hard drive

 PCL print driver standard

• Optional PostScript driver (requires 1GB RAM upgrade)

• Optional XPS driver (requires 1GB RAM upgrade)

• Optional barcode support

 IPv6 support

 Optional web browse kit

 Optional data security kit

 Optional proximity card reader

 10/100/1000BaseT and USB ports standard

-=Good Selling=-

Monday, February 7, 2011

New Global Copier & MFP Survey "Suvey Said"

I started a survey on the Print4Pay Hotel "End User Forums" just about two years ago.  In that survey we asked "What Copier/MFP Brand would you pay more for?"  With over 750 page views I'm gonna declare a winner.  Mind you there's no science to this poll, users who view the poll can vote for their choice.  Drum roll please!

Ricoh  17%

Xerox 21%

Canon 29%

KonicaMinolta 21%

Kyocera 6%

Sharp 5%

Toshiba  2%

Panasonic  0%

Oce  1%

So, there it is Canon sits at Numero Uno, Xerox and KonicaMinolta tied for second, Ricoh a close third and the rest of the pack, the rest....right, who cares.
-=Good Selling=-

Saturday, February 5, 2011

15 New Copier & MFP RFQ's & RFP's

Really, we've uploaded 15 Copier & MFP RFP's & RFQ's in the last week on the Print4Pay Hotel forums. In addition we've also posted an additional 5 leads for copiers & MFP's for the commercial sector. 

The Print4Pay Hotel forums is a sited dedicated to Copier & MFP professionals.  The heart and soul of the site is our forums. Our forums give our industry a secure forum to discuss sales, marketing, solutions and talk about the industry as a whole.To date we have over 1,930 global members, our site generates over 100,000 page views.  Our members are dealer owners, dealer principals, sales professionals, sales managers, and manufacturers representatives.

Here's some of our recent threads for RFP's & RFQ's:

Copier RFP in DC

Xerox Color 550 Copier/Printer Lease in NC

NBS Print & Copier Support Services

OMG! 100 MPF plus unit RFP with 11mil annually!!!!

Solicitation for Wide Format Digital Copier, Plotter and Scanner 


36 Copiers in Ohio


Copier Bid in Washington, DC

45 ppm color in North Carolina

52 Copiers in GA 


100+ units for RFP in MidAtlantic

Printer Repair Services in NJ RFP

Kansas 35ppm device

Membership for the forums is FREE, access to the secure "leads" forums can be purchased monthly and a yearly Premium Membership is less than $7 per month, but wait you get more with a Premium Membership you'll also gain access to all off the manufacturers forums and our secure "P4P Document Library"!  The P4P Document Library features documents that I've used in my copier sales career to increase sales and marketing. 

Here's a sampling of the documents I've posted:

Advantage of Color

14 Benefits of Leasing MFP

P4P Hotel's Document Imaging Glossary

Envelope Press from Ricoh

Copier Security Booklet

Global and N America Print Production work flow forecast

HP Cost Per Page Chart
Simple Excel Proposal Spreadsheet
A3 vs A4 Competitive Workbook
Just a short sampling of the documents, click here for a FREE membership!
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Has your organization developed a mobile device strategy yet?

Copier/MFP Dealer Principals, here's a information blog from Rick Backus our Guest Blogger for February! 

Unless you have been living in a cave for the past 12 months you should be keenly aware of the myriad of new portable devices that are redefining the way many of us communicate and work. While smartphones have been, to varying degrees, part of the enterprise for a number of years the real game-changer today is the larger, more functional tablet-based devices. So where do these new devices fit into your enterprise?

Apple, Android and Blackberry all have or will soon have a presence in this arena. Most of us are already familiar with Apple’s iPad which has been around for almost a year now and accounted for over 15 million new units in 2010. Entries using the Android, Blackberry and Windows operating systems are just beginning to come to market this year.

Most users who are not bound to their desk all day typically use email, Internet and productivity applications. These users are not your standard “Power Users” who need tremendously powerful systems to crunch data, churn through graphic and media files or develop applications. They use productivity suites to create documents and simple spreadsheets along with an email/calendar/contact client and web browser. The new generation of tablet-based devices is tailor made for this type of user.

A tablet device with both Wi-Fi and mobile (cellular) connectivity, properly integrated into the enterprise, will give users access to all the resources they need to be productive no matter where they are. Having the tools you need at your fingertips is crucial in this highly competitive, 24 hour world. Imagine your sales force not only getting paperwork signed by the client but having it immediately delivered back to the office for processing.

Reduced cost of ownership for hardware refresh is another motivation for migrating users to tablet devices. Initial acquisition and application costs can be substantially less than their notebook counter parts. Tablet devices include email clients but for those who want more functionality there are applications available that deliver extended graphics and features for very reasonable cost. Application suites for word processing, spreadsheet and presentation work are in the sub $100.00 range rather than the hundreds of dollar we have become accustomed to in the PC world. Of course for that price you get a bare bones application but that is right in line with these user’s requirements. There are literally tens of thousands of free and low cost applications out there for almost any task imaginable.

Once you make the decision to bring tablets into your enterprise the next step is to configure your infrastructure to allow the necessary access. Email, applications, security and network resources all must be configured to allow and accommodate the new level of connectivity. Not all resources can accommodate these devices. Be certain to carefully weigh the need for access versus the expense of any reconfiguration.

As a tool to improve your competitive advantage, the benefits of this new technology will far outweigh the effort necessary to employ it. If you would like to learn more or need assistance implementing these devices contact me at

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This Week in Ricoh "TWIR Notes"

Ricoh dealer, DocuSource, of Cerritos, California, announced that it has achieved Gold Solution Provider status from Hyland, for its success selling the OnBase document management software package. “We have consistently made investments in the growth of this business – in sales, marketing and most notably, technical resources. We are thrilled to see our efforts pay off” said DocuSource VP, David Kaye.

- Ricoh announced launch of version 2.0 of its Personal Paperless Document Manager software (PPDMv2):

o Manages paper documents, PDFs and MS Office files

o Assemble document by dragging and dropping pages from other documents (XPS, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, JPG, BMP, TIFF) to create new PDF

o Change, edit or markup PDFs

o Creates searchable PDFs with OCR engine

o Send or retrieve from MS SharePoint

o Convert files to Amazon Kindle

o Convert capture of text by digital camera into text file

o Auto highlight, redact, underline or cross-out by alphanumeric pattern search

Ricoh announced it will begin providing low-interest loans to employees in Japan to encourage them to make their houses more environmentally friendly (adding solar panels, etc.). The loans will be for 10 years in length at 4% interest.

In an interview in Computer Resellers News magazine, Ricoh U.S. president and CEO, Jeffrey Hickling, stated; “While a much larger share of our revenue comes from direct, we increased our investment in dealer support 50% in 2010”. “In what we’d call the midmarket and the commercial accounts, a direct coverage model alone can be prohibitively expensive”

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This Week in HP "TWIHP Notes"

Hewlett Packard confirmed that it has a world-wide backorder problem on toner cartridges for LaserJet P1102W and LaserJet M1212 models. It is working on “restoring” inventory as soon as possible.

Hewlett Packard hopes to expand an operations center in Des Moines, Iowa using state tax dollars of up to $1.6 million. The company would supposedly use the handout to add 308,000 square feet to an existing facility.

Hewlett Packard’s Alon Bar-Shany announced the availability of software development kits (SDKs) to allow third party applications to drive HP Indigo production color presses.

Hewlett Packard announced that by 2012, it will incorporate the webOS it acquired when it purchased Palm Computing in 2010, into future MFPs and printers for integrated applications.

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This Week in Xerox "TWIX Notes"

Special thanx to the Print4Pay Hotel member that posted this in our P4P Hotel forums.  The Print4Pay Hotel has a worldwide membership of over 1,800 members. Here is the registration link P4PHotel forums.

Xerox reported its last quarter’s financials:

o earnings per share of 12 cents

o total revenue up 42% (includes ACS)

o cash flow of $1.3 billion

o operating margin of 10.4%

o 11% increase in revenue from Business Process Outsourcing

o 5% increase in IT outsourcing revenue

o 13% increase in service signings

o 4% increase in equipment sales

 Color equipment sales revenue up 6%

 25% increase in A4 b/w units

 27% increase in A4 color units

 4% increase in color printer units

 2% decrease in midrange b/w units

 22% increase in midrange color units

 11% decrease in b/w production print units

 19% increase in color production print units

 Gross margin decreased 1% to 34.1%

o Total liabilities of $18 billion

o Bad debt expense decreased by $45 million

o Digital pages under contract declined 2%

 Color pages under contract increased 11%

o $264 million in employee severance costs from 6,000 employee layoff

o $19 million loss associated with sale of operations in Venezuela

Xerox’s chief financial officer (CFO), Lawrence Zimmerman, announced he is leaving the company. Replacement will be Lucan Maestri, formerly of Nokia Siemens.

Xerox announced that Better Buys for Business gave a “Innovative Product of the Year” award for the Xerox WorkCentre 7545/7556 color laser MFPs (which are made by Fuji)

Xerox announced it sold an iGen4 220 production color system to SCICOM Data Services of Minnetonka, Minnesota. The 220 is two iGen4 110 systems connected together to produce full-color two-sided documents at 110ppm.

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