Thursday, September 10, 2009

Don't Call, Don't Fax, Don't Email and Now Don't ....

Well......I really didn't have any words after I read this line in an article of What They Think.

The "Do Not Mail" legislation that has been considered in 19 state legislatures would limit distribution of direct mail and impose fines. It remains an active issue across the U.S. and will impact the vast majority of printers. International Paper and xpedx are partnering with printers to help influence legislation. xpedx is a business of International Paper.

A just a little more thought on this please! If will affect all businesses that rely on getting their information out via direct mail. Give me a fracking break, we've got Do Not Call, Do Not Fax, Don Not Email and now Do Not Mail??? One good thing would come of this legislation if passed, the US Post Office would GO OUT OF BUSINESS!!

Another dumb piece of legislation that if passed would make our politicians some of the dumbest in the world!

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