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This Week in Xerox 9/20/09

Gathered from Print4Pay Hotel Members from around the world and a few moles in very good places!

- Xerox announced it will offer MICR (magnetic image character recognition) toner versions of the Nuvera 200 and 288MX production b/w laser systems for high volume check printing applications.

- Xerox won several awards at the PRINT 09 show:
- “Worth-a-look” for a Xerox iGen4 production color system bundled with a Stora Enso Gallop to produce color packaging
- “Encore Must See Em” for iGen4/Fiery system
- “Worth-a-look” for DocuColor 7002/8002 systems
- “Encore Worth-a-look” for Xerox 700 color system
- “Must See ‘Em” for Xerox 1300 Continuous Feed b/w system
- Must See ‘Em” for Xerox Nuvera 288EA
- “Worth-a-look” for Xerox 490/980 Continuous Feed color systems

- Xerox launched the Continuous Feed 4-over-1 Solution featuring:
- Bundles a Xerox 490 Color Continuous Feed Printer and a Xerox 650 B/W Continuous Feed Printer
- High speed printing of 4 color on one side and b/w on other
- Aimed at the transpromo market for high speed, high volume customer invoice printing
- According to Xerox, already has its first system sold to a large financial services company
- Uses proprietary flash fusing (instead of a heather fuser roller, uses a micro-burst of light to heat and melt toner to paper)
- No fuser oil needed (unlike Xerox DocuColor 8002 or the iGen4)
- Pricing not announced

- Xerox has expanded the options it offers to instruct its print for pay customers on how to sell and market the output from its production color systems. Details:
- Called the “Xerox ProfitAccelerator” solution packages
- Either sold separately, or bundled in with a Xerox production print system
- New options include:
- “Ad Agency Market Guide” to help printshops target ad agencies and design service providers
- “Profiting Through Personalization Kit” demonstrates the features of optional XMPie variable data software with templates
- “PODi (print on demand initiatives) Digital Print Case Studies” is a 5 year collection of best practices using variable data, with examples from 15 different industries

- Xerox announced that its FreeFlow Process Manager system for its production print systems are now compatible with products from Solimar Systems, Inc., including the Rubika, SOLfusion and SOLindexer systems.

- Street pricing seen on the Xerox color wax copier, the ColorQube 9201:
- $20,485.00 selling price
- $0.0055 for b/w prints (and those with a little bit of color)
- $0.0428 for color prints (prints that have some color)
- Excess usage of wax sticks results in customer getting charged for wax sticks consumed

- Former Xerox executive, Chris Bondy, has left to join InfoTrends as Group Director, Cross-Media Workflow Solutions.

- Xerox announced that it sold the third iGen3 production color system to Dialogue Solutoins, a printshop in Kent, England.

- Barclays Capital predicts that Xerox will “make significant share repurchases next year” to boost its stock value.

- Xerox has hired SalesQuest of Andover, MA to provide its copier sales people with “deep dive company profile reports” on Fortune 1000 prospects. The “CRUSH” alerts and reports provide info to build sales pipelines.

- Xerox now shipping version 6.5 of its DocuShare document management solution featuring:
- ability to store more than 50 million documents
- performs complex search queries in under three seconds
- supports sustained imaging of 12 documents per second or over 1 million per day
- Company claims it won bid to supply DocuShare to:
- Chelmsford Public Schools in Massuchusetts
- Niagara Catholic School District in Canada
- University of Peru
- Manteca Unified School District in California

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