Monday, September 7, 2009

US Open & Print4Pay Hotel

Well, after fighting the worst highways in the Nation, I finally made it to Flushing Meadows in Queens, NY for the US Open on Friday. Not to mention that I drove around CitiField and LaGuardia Airport TWICE!

For those of you that are not familiar with Flushing Meadows in Queens, NY. It was the home of the 1964 Worlds Fair, I can remember my parents taking my brother and I several times to the Fair in the summer of 64, as a 7 year old the World's Fair made some lasting impressions. Two memories come to mind, I can remember seeing a family with about 5 children and the parents had a rope tied around the kids linking them all together as to not lose them! Another vivid memory was a pavillion where you could see which was faster; to dial a rotary phone or a new push button phone, hey what seven year olds wouldn't take this challenge, I thought I was a pro with the rotary phone!

The weather was outstanding as was Canon who invited me to their suite to take in an afternoon of championship tennis! I was a little surprised, I thought their might be some Canon information on hand, but this was more about be our quests and enjoy the show, and I did!

I'm not much of a tennis fan, but then again the only time I've ever seen anyone really play tennis is on the tube. I was surprised and enjoyed the athletes and also got to see Serena Williams in the second match of the day. I did have some lively conversations with Ted from IA in reference to what in the world is going on with the copier industry and who will be the winners and losers as this market drags on. Consensus was how the heck can Panasonic hang around, and when the heck is Canon going to step up to the plate and do something! Besides the introduction of the Canon imageRUNNER advance series, it seems like acquisitions have taken a back seat for now.

After 4 bottles of water and a few finger sandwiches I remembered that I had to had make my way back to the Jersey Shore for the Labor Day Weekend. I departed early thinking I'd beat the traffic, not a chance, it took me three hours to go 90 miles!

Special thanx to Canon, it was most enjoyable and I have a new appreciation for the sport of Tennis!

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