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My Name is Art Post. I started in the industry over 32 years ago by answering a newspaper ad to learn how to become a copier technician (1980). This job/school paid $5.00 per hour. I interviewed for the job and like most interviews, they said, “we’ll call you kid” (I was 22 years old). A few days passed, then a few weeks, and I figured “so much for that job!”

Early one morning the telephone rang. It was "the school of copier repair". They asked if I still wanted to go to the copier school. Since I was unemployed and I was not doing anything else that day, I said ok, I’ll be there. I hopped on my Harley and off to school I went.

I was never good at fixing anything… although I had quite a
passion for taking things apart and not being able to put them back together. Well, needless to say this showed in my job performance. I was out in the field taking things apart and trying figure out how to put them back together! Some of the calls were easier, some were absolutely embarrassing and others I actually fixed the problem and didn't even know how I fixed it. My days of being a copier technician were short lived.

After three months on the job and leaving assorted copier parts all over the state of NJ, the owner approached me and stated that they would have to lay me off, however, if I was interested they would offer me a shot at selling copiers. Again, I had nothing better to do so I took the job and never looked back. Needless to say 30 years later, I'm still in the industry selling commercial accounts!

Personally, I have been a coach for baseball for many years after my son turned 5 years old (he’s now 27), I read the coaching books and listened (a key part of selling) to others who had more knowledge than my self.

There are the 3’D’s of baseball…Dedication, Determination and Desire. Gee, after all of these years I was using all three of the D’s in my selling career and I didn't even know it!

1. Dedication: To be the best at what you do (hell it pays the bills and feeds the family), how much more do you need to
succeed? Read the books, know the industry, and learn from others.

2. Desire: … to WIN … all the time! Don’t take no for an answer and always believe that there’s got to be a better way and break out of the box when needed.

3. Determination: Keep moving forward. Knock on another door or make another phone call after you have stared into the face of rejection for the 40th time that day. Sales are what you make of it. If you practice the three D’s, there is a good chance that you will succeed in our industry!

After all, when I started selling copiers we only had four different models to sell. I was working for a Minolta Dealership and was selling the Minolta 310, 320, 530 and the 530RE. That’s it … four different models! My… how the industry has changed! Along came faxes, zoom lenses and then the introduction of Document Feeders and Collators.

Sales are what you make of it. I believe if you practice the three D’s, you will succeed in our industry!

My income from “down the street” sales is more than six figures per year! Not bad for selling copiers. I’m a Million Dollar Revenue Man! However, I also realize that I always have to keep learning the new technologies and learn from others.

What is the P4P Hotel and what is its purpose? A resource for imaging professionals by imaging professionals! We're not just giving you the news and a few BS articles every month, P4P members are on the street everyday and then sharing thier information by night.

The goal of the Print4Pay Hotel is to Inform, Share and Maintain the highest degree of knowledge for the Digital Imaging Industry.

Years ago there were few copier models per manufacturer, and we had 12 or so manufacturers or resellers of copiers. Soon there after, we had the introduction of the fax machine. Then another two or three models were added. In time, more machines, more supplies and more accessories were demanded.

Currently, each manufacturer promotes over forty pieces of hardware mainframes, not to mention a tremendous amount of options and supplies for these digital MFP’s. Add both 3rd party and manufacturer's suggested software to your list...well it's overwhelming at times!

Enter, the P4P Hotel!

The days of selling “boxes” is over. Today you MUST “sell solutions” to survive and thrive. In order to do this; we are not only required to understand our own product offerings, but we MUST also know our competition’s offerings as well. While retaining all this knowledge (yeah right), we still must prospect, consult, evaluate, listen and then “close” the sale. Need I say more?

P4PHOTEL was envisioned as a means to satisfy our “Need for Knowledge”. We have developed this site for the Digital Imaging Specialist to share information and to find answers quickly! P4PHOTEL is a place to store our knowledge, share and make searchable our knowledge, while sharing inspirations, ideas and our passion for our industry.

We hope that you find this site useful and encourage your input while “daring” you to challenge yourself to be the best in the industry. This is not a site to prove “how smart you/we are” so don’t be afraid to ask even what you think is the simplest or dumbest of questions. If you accept our challenge and join, you will find that the original members of Print4Pay HOTEL are among the “Best in the Industry” and with your active participation, you soon will be too. Go here for you FREE membership!

Thanks and Good Selling,

Art Post