Thursday, September 10, 2009

TWIX "This Week in Xerox" 9/09/09

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Xerox’s business in New Zealand, which operates under name of Fuji Xerox, reported a loss of $15.6 million during the last fiscal year.

After a complaint was filed by Fishers Document Systems Inc., the Meridian School District of Boise, Idaho announced it would recant its copier bid award to Xerox. The district will now send out another request for proposals for its 50 public schools.

Xerox launched a new managed print services program, named PagePack NX, which allows resellers to manage not only Xerox printers and MFPs, but competitive models as well, as Xerox provides third party service and supplies for HP and other brands of desktop printers under the program.

Xerox launched a new program to assist printshops in marketing digital color output. The new program is called; “Business of Printing Business Development Series” and includes:
- Sales Skills Assessment Survey – to assess, train, and improve sales skills of printshop’s sales force
- How to Target Agencies and Marketers Sales Training Course – how to convey benefits of digital and variable data
- Proofing Through Personalization Kit – how to sell applications using XMPie variable data software with templates
- Pricing unknown

Xerox introduced a new option for its production print systems, the new FreeFlow Process Manager 8.0 featuring:
- comes with 20 pre-configured prepress functions
- auto resizing and cropping
- business card templates
- Process Manager MAX (manifest automation from Xerox) enable job order details such as bleed area of imposed document or pages in a finished booklet
- 10 built-in Easy Start workflows
- FreeFlow Express to Print offers templates for legal and education markets
- VIPP Pro Publisher supports Adobe InDesign for variable data jobs
- VI Interpreter 8.0 offers commands for patterned inks, tab processing, customizable crop marks and two layer fluorescent text

Xerox announced it has sold one of its iGen4 production color system to a print shop in Montreal, Canada named Pazazz.

Xerox announced it won a copier bid from the City of Henderson, which is a suburb of Las Vegas, Nevada. Xerox claims the new 5 year cost per copy lease contract will save the city $10,000 per month.

Xerox announced it won a bid to provide document management using Xerox DocuShare ECM to Western Forest Products of British Columbia. Xerox claims it is saving the company over $20,000 per month.

Xerox announced it has sold Xerox 700 Digital Color Press production color systems to:
- Coast Litho, a printshop in Oakland, CA
- Harold’s Photo Centers Inc. with 8 locations in South Dakota and Iowa
- Ink Well print shop in Cleveland, OH
- Magnet Harlequin printshop in England
- Dvoglad printshop in Croatia

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