Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wide Format "Start a New Profit Center"

Over the years I've been in a few facilities that have many wide format machines. What's the one thing that's missing from most of these scenario's, there's no ability to track or bill the prints for different systems from different manufacturers! Your job is too go back to those accounts especially now, and a recent industry study concluded that:

-Companies are looking to save money and
now have an expense reduction focus

−Staff reductions are forcing companies to review how they are using their hardware and print services

−Reduced end user resistance to giving up their desktop printer and consolidating to a networked device shared by multiple users

Enter Ratio Plotbase! Here's some information I gathered for all!

RATIO PLOTBASE & Scan Software offers many features and benefits for most wide format plotters & scanners. Their experience in making everything work together well, even in complex, multi product installations can turn the tide from customer dismay to full satisfaction. To check out what their solutions can do, Just give RATIO a call to schedule a 30 - 40 minute interactive demo that can focus on;

Wide format tracking / accounting for one or more LED / Ink Jet plotters & Scanners.

Wide format plotting issues & workflow such as PDF batch plotting for embedded or external controllers or Ink Jets

New Scan software for Wide Format Scanners that can integrate Copy tracking with plotting to multiple devices. Also full color image editing features

RIP CUBE high performance hardware RIP alternative to regular Windows PCs, with pre-installed plotting / scanning software, built in recovery drive and complete support from RATIO

General Improvements for plotting workflow to your WF Ink Jets, LED plotter / scanners and small to mid-size printers for AEC users

Keeping your plotting software up to date with latest Autocad HDI drivers, PDF versions, Windows versions for any embedded or external or WF Ink Jet plotter


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