Sunday, August 16, 2009

TWIX "This Week in Xerox"

Xerox announced it has settled a patent infringement case brought against the company by Acacia Research Corp. Acacia is a company that seeks out obscure patents, so that it can chase companies for licensing revenue. In this case, it was a patent regarding networkable multifunction printer technology. The amount of money it is now going to receive from Xerox was not released. Toshiba also settled out of court as well.

Xerox launched two new color laser production print systems, the DocuColor 7002 & 8002. Details:
- replace the 7000, 7000AP, 8000, and 8000AP models
- 70ppm and 80ppm top speeds respectively
- Base MSRPs start at $245,000.00
- both come standard as print only models, and do not make copies
- optional scanner
- requires 240v/30amp circuit
- 7002 has maximum duty cycle of 1 million per month
- 8002 has maximum duty cycle of 1.2 million per month
- Built-in spectrophotometer, so no external color calibration device is needed (apparently only works if end user chooses the Xerox FreeFlow print server, and not with EFI Fiery or Creo servers)
- Horizontal 4 tandem OPC drum design
- can replace toner on the fly while unit is running
- uses mylar film transfer belt, or digital blanket, to move image from drums to paper
- Can handle from 16lb. bond to 110lb. cover (maximum of 300gsm)
- in the “All Weights” mode, can run thick stocks at top speed (not recommended for best image quality)
- in the “Mixed Media” mode, slows down to produce best image quality on thick and/or coated stocks
- engine uses steel for durability, reliability
- advertised as offering 2400x2400dpi with VCEL technology (is actually 600dpi, divided into 4, with each ¼ of the pixel designated for each color, or 1 bit per quadrant)
- Not true 8 bits per pixel continuous tone imaging
- maximum paper size of 12.6” x 19.2”
- minimum paper size of 7.2” x 7.2”
- can auto duplex up to 300gsm
- comes standard with two 2,000 sheet paper drawers
- can add two more 2000 sheet paper drawers
- Corotron cleaning assembly allows end users to clean the corona wires on their own
- Finishing options include
- GBC eBrinder 200
- punches and binds all on line
- uses polyester binging material
- can use black, blue, white or clear binds
- can bind from 2 to 100 sheets
- letter size only
- Tape binder
- can bind from 15 to 125 sheets
- letter size only
- uses thermal adhesive taple
- available in black, blue and white tape
- DB120-D Document Binder
- maximum of 120 sheets of letter size paper
- in-line thermal binder
- Booklet maker (made by Horizon)
- GBC FusionPunch II for inline punching
- Standard Horizon ColorWorks Document Finisher
- inline folding, corner and top stitching
- standard face trim
- optional multi-line scoring and bleed trimming
- Stacker/stapler staples up to 50 sheets maximum

- Print controller options include EFI Fiery, Kodak Creo and Xerox FreeFlow
- Xerox FreeFlow server
- actual maker unknown
- 2.5GHz processor
- 300GB hard drive
- PCL and PostScript print drivers
- Xerox EX Print Server
- relabeled EFI Fiery
- two 3GHZ processors
- 80GB hard drive and two 250GB hard drives
- Xerox CX Print Server
- relabeled Creo

Xerox announced the first customer for its new DocuColor 7002 is Kings College in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Xerox gave out more details of it past quarter’s financials:
- Segment 2 through 5 installs up 10%
- Service annuity revenue down 4%
- Total pages tracked down 5%
- Color pages grew 12%
- Color equipment placements down 21%
- Segment 1 installations down 84%
- Color MFP installs down 21%
- Color printer sales down 42%
- Managed print services has run rate of $3.5 billion

Xerox announced that its Hawaiian operations now employ 200 people:
- first opened branch in the state in 1961
- now has office in Honolulu/Oahu, Lihue/Kauai, Hilo & Kona/Hawaii

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