Tuesday, August 25, 2009

TWIR "This Week in Ricoh" 8/25/09

Gathered from media sources from around the world, and a few moles!

Isn't this a photo-copier brand?! In the early days, RICOH made precision instruments like watches . This RICOH 21J Automatic has rounded edges, making the watch look bigger than fact. The doom cystal also adds to the depth and volume of the watch. There is a raised red flower above 6 o'clock. It looks like a Lotus, a symbol of purity rising among the filth in Buddhism.

Ricoh announced it has renamed its IKON location in Denmark to Ricoh Business Solutions

Ricoh’s IKON office in Grand Rapids, Michigan, announced it won the Muskegon Public Schools bid. The contract is for 45 copiers for a total of $191,000.00.

According to some industry authors, Ricoh’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, Ron Potesky, is leaving the company to pursue other interests.

Ricoh announced it will sponsor the Women’s British Open golf tournament.

The new Ricoh president, Shiro Kondo gave an interview in Japanese magazine, The Nikkei Business Daily:

- Taking steps to reinvent its copier business strategy to turn itself into a provider of business solutions
- Seeks a 10% increase in sales and tripling increase in profit in 2 years
- “We cannot hope to keep growing if we stick to our hardware oriented strategy”
- Now employs 1,000 systems engineers worldwide
- New global marketing headquarters is run by CFO, Zenji Miura
- “If we don’t change, we will follow path of General Motors”
- “Anyone not ready to give their all should leave”
- As of March 2009, only 20,000 of the Canon’s that IKON had in its MIF had been
replaced by Ricoh product
- IKON still has 300,000 Canon machines in its MIF

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