Monday, August 3, 2009

Xerox to Debunk Industry myths with MythBusters

Xerox hosts Real Business Live! event to debunk industry myths; guest stars from The Discovery Channel's MythBusters show will share their "busting" stories.

That's the sub headline from Xerox's latest Press Release "Xerox's Agenda for Print 09: Help Print Providers Grow and Succeed". After reading this press release early this morning, I deleted it as "not worthy" and cruised through the other press release I receive every day. Later during the day for some reason I remember this release and the fact that they were going to have guest stars from the MythBusters.

So, all day I wondered what is the correlation between the MythBusters and Xerox, what would they debunk. Would it be mythbusting for transpromo, or maybe mythbusting print applications or maybe just maybe would they be mythbusting the Xerox ColorQube!

How awesome would that be, to take all of the so called myth's with the ColorQube technology, debunk them and spin the ColorQube into the hearts and minds of Print Providers. Man, that would be a gas, I'd like to see them debunk the one about the melted prints laying on the dashboard of the car at 120 degrees plus.

Spencer Labs recently conducted tests on several office color copiers and to say the least the ColorQube along with others had some interesting results.

I'll have to tune in to the show to see what's going on.

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