Thursday, August 13, 2009

Inglorious MFP Copier Poll! "Would You Pay More"

A recent poll from the Print4Pay Hotel asked end users, What "brand of copier/multifunctional" device would I pay more for?

If this was a horse race at Monmouth Park, I would have picked (thinking about end users now), 2,5,4, for the trifecta (straight bet). What are the odds of winning two straight trifecta bets at the racetrack? Well, to make a long story short, I did. Two separate days, bet $20 straight trifecta in race #2 both times and hit. I left the park after each time after getting my winnings! I'm still wondering if the third time will be the charm. If and when I go back, I'm gonna bet the second race again and this time, I'll up the ante to a $100 straight trifecta! WOO YAA!

In first place with 36% of the votes is Canon, second place is a tie between Xerox and KonicaMinolta (geez who woulda thunk that KonicaMinolta's rise to the top would have been this quick), third place goes to Ricoh and the rest..., well see for yourself.

Ricoh 17%
Xerox 21%
Canon 29%
KonicaMinolta 21%
Kyocera 6%
Sharp 5%
Toshiba 2%
Panasonic 0%
Oce 1%

We did not bother to list Savin, nor Lanier since they are Ricoh products. Check out the result here!
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