Friday, August 7, 2009

HP Sued Over Unpaid Commissions

Just picked this up a few hours ago. Former HP salespeople are suing HP for failure to millions of dollars owed to it's sale force. In one article "Former HP employees sue over unpaid commissions" the three former sales people are alleging that software didn't keep accurate records of sales and commissions.

Now HP stated that "Recently a very small percentage of HP's global sales team were impacted by a technical issue relating to processing commissions", the article goes on to mention that there are some 23,000 sales people. In another article "Suit filed over HP commissions", Portland Business Journal reports that there may be 2,000 sales people affected. That's almost 10% of the sales people, sounds to me like it's more than a small percentage.

HP has acknowledge problems with the sales tracking software, but they believe the lawsuit "substantially exaggerates the scope" of the issue. The three former employees are asking for a class action that would encompass 50,000 current and former HP sales employees, stating the total owed is more than 5 Million Dollars!

Hey, when it comes to commissions this is my bread and butter. Some people just don't get it, sales people rely on their commissions to pay the bills. Glitches in software, delays in delivery, delays in ordering, and out of stock issues can severely hamper our financial condition. Most of us in the industry get a meager salary and we rely on commissions, and bonuses to feed the family.

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