Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Copier Dealers "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly"

What type of dealership do you work for? Being in the industry for 28 years allows me to have worked will all of them, the Good the Bad and the Ugly!

I had heard from a friend of mine today, he was so feed up with the dealership he worked for that he was contemplating leaving the industry altogether. That would be a shame after that person had devoted 10 years to the dealership and 30 years in the industry.

It behooves me on how a dealership can expect you to perform at or above quota when all of the below is lacking:

  • Demo Equipment

  • Inventory

  • Systems to Train on

  • Systems to Print Samples Prints for Clients

  • Meetings to Reach Goals

  • Monthly "Team" Numbers

  • On Going Training for Hardware

  • On Going Training for Software

  • New Product Launch Meetings

  • Antiquated Expenses (Based on Fuel prices from 1999)

  • Yearly Raises (Cost of Living)

  • Goals (Whether hardware, or GP)

  • Credit
The above example would be one of the "Ugly" Copier Dealerships and I do know a few of these.

Some may think that these are the worst of times for dealers while other will admit that these are the best of times. The best of times can be attributed to Copier Dealers that have the 3 D's to success. Desire (you can't teach this, you either have it or you don't), Determination (to always succeed at a high level no matter what you do), Dedication (to YOUR business and the industry), hey it's your lively hood right?

The Ugly Dealerships are still operating like it was 1986 and the Bad Dealerships are stuck in the nineties. The Good Dealerships have the 3 D's and are embracing technology and putting money and resources into the next generation of people who will succeed in our industry.
Enough said, I work for one of the three, The Good, The Bad or the Ugly!

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