Thursday, August 6, 2009

TWIX "This Week in Xerox"

One of Xerox’s subcontractors also suffers financially. Flextronics Corp., headquartered in Singapore, announced it last quarter’s financials:
- Loss of $154 million
- Last year made a profit of $130 million
- Revenue fell 31%
- Company has plant in Aguascalientes, Mexico that makes the Microsoft Xbox,
and refurbishes Xerox copiers

Xerox was the target of protestors. Members of Greenpeace marched in front of Xerox’s office in downtown Montreal, complaining that the company buys and sells paper that come from trees in Canada.

Xerox lost its legal dispute with the state of Wisconsin. Xerox was claiming that the $8.3 million in copiers it leased to City of Milwaukee and City of La Crosse was exempt from property tax.

Xerox announced it has hired Kari Byron, Grant Imahara & Tory Belleci of the MythBusters Build Team show on Discovery Channel to give presentations in its booth at the upcoming Print 09 trade show in Chicago in September.

A local dealer is protesting a bid won by Xerox. Gary Mahn, owner of Fisher’s Document Systems, claims that the Meridian Public School District, is wasting $680,000 over 5 years by choosing Xerox over his bid. Mr. Mahn’s bid was for $32,417 per month, while Xerox’s was $43,758 per month. The contract is for 60 months.

Xerox’s executive, Tom Salierno, announced that David Scholle has been hired as President of its Minnesota Global division. Global’s presence in Minnesota apparently was created by the consolidating the MIF of its Xerox agents in the area.

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