Friday, August 21, 2009

TWIX "This Week in Xerox"

Gathered from media sources from around the world, and a few moles!

The VP of Xerox Canada, Mel Thompson, has raised $150,000 by riding his bicycle across the country this summer.

When Xerox acquired Global Imaging, one of the dealers in the Global portfolio was Southern Business Communications. This is an Atlanta, Georgia area dealer that specialized in selling white boards. Xerox has decided to rename the company, Xerox Audio Visual Solutions, and will be run by Dan Boylan.

In 1975, Xerox engineer, George Pake, told Business Week magazine that offices in the year 2000 would have desks that have built-in TV-sized display terminals with keyboards that will call up reams of documents, files, mail and messages, thus eliminating the need for printers and copiers.

Xerox announced it won a facilities management (FM) bid from Methodist Healthcare in San Antonio, Texas to cover 23 different facilities. While the total revenue of the contract was not released, Xerox claims it will save the healthcare facilities “millions per year”.

Xerox again lost a court battle in Wisconsin.

- Xerox originally was charged by the State of Wisconsin for failing to pay property tax on equipment leased to City of La Crosse and City of Milwaukee, and levied a multimillion fine
- Xerox took their argument to court, and lost the decision.
- Dissatisfied with the decision, Xerox took the case to the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, which on 7/30/09, again ruled against Xerox.

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