Friday, August 28, 2009

500th Blog!

Can you believe it? Five Hundred Blogs about selling copiers, the copier industry and all of the other korny stuff that goes with it!

One thing I can tell you is that blogging about the industry has blossomed into fellow blogger relationships. Geez, I sitting here trying to write about this and can't find the words to describe the last two years, and I always have something to say about something.

I'll make my 500th blog a tribute to other industry bloggers like Death of the Copier from Greg Walters, and Jim Lyons Observations, I think Jim has like a 1,000 blogs. Then there's Neal Peterman with It Ain't Your Fathers Office, Ken Stewart with ChangeForge and then Micheal J with Tough Love for Xerox, I'll tell you that Micheal J posts 5 or 6 blogs every day! I'll bet every day is Saturday for him! All of these guys are awesome and they tell it like it is, no PR machines behind them, no favoritism, just good ole passion to write whats on their minds and be informative. I tip my hat to them for thier dedication, desire and dedication to Blogging!

Best of all I've made some new friends and a few enemies along the way, more friends though than enemies. Some have asked why I spend so much time on my blog and the Print4Pay Hotel web site? My answer is "it's better than watching TV, and reading a book", plus I may be able to make some money at it one day. I guess the dream job for me is that I would live in the Florida Keys from October to April and then to the Finger Lakes in New York and I would blog about the industry, keep the Print4Pay Hotel going (hopefully with 5,000 members), I guess that's why I do why I do so I can reach that goal where every day is Saturday!!!!!!

-=Good Selling=-

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