Monday, August 24, 2009

TWIX "This Week in Xerox"

Gathered from media sources from around the world, and a few moles!

Xerox’s Worldwide Product Marketing Manager for entry level production color systems, Dale Allen, gave out more details on the new DocuColor 7002 & 8002 models:

- does NOT use EA toner (this is Xerox’s polymerized toner and EA is acronym for Emulsion Aggregate)
- instead is “same formulation as in the previous generation with an additive to lower the gloss” (the previous models, DocuColor 7000AP and 8000AP used pulverized toner with fusing oil)
- “we elected to leverage our investment with this particular platform”
- Claims to have shipped more than 20,000 DocuColor machines worldwide since the 2045/2060 models were introduced in 2000 (does not include the 240/250 series)

Xerox announced it sold another one of its iGen4 production color systems (which have a $640,000 MSRP) to a printshop in San Diego, CA named Specialist Printing & Direct Mail.

Xerox announced that is 5600 series of b/w laser MFPs passed the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation, and are now ISO 15408 certified. Dollar amount of settlement unknown.

Xerox announced it had settled out of court in response to a lawsuit filed against Xerox by Acacia Research, who claimed Xerox was infringing on one of the patents that company acquired.

Fuji of Japan, maker of most Xerox branded equipment, announced it has developed a new type of inkjet printhead:
- can deposit ink at a record 50,000 drops per second
- instead of being made of steel like other printheads, is made of silicon
- can withstand temperatures up to 70 degrees Celsius
- nozzle size of only 1 micron

Fuji also announced that the source of the LED printhead in the new Xerox color MFPs, is the Nippon Glass Co. of Japan.

Fuji of Japan, in an effort to avoid its employees getting parking tickets in Tokyo, purchased a fleet of battery powered bicycles for its employees to use to commute to work. Apparently current Japanese law does not classify these as motor vehicles, so riding on sidewalk, and parking on street restrictions do not apply.

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Xerox 6130 toner said...

I think Xerox and Fuji are a great team and nothing but good things will come from these companies. Its funny to see such an "antique" picture of an old Xerox machine. Especially after such a break through in nano technology, and the amazing self-erasing paper that or ink they are releasing soon. I cant wait to see the a sample, and i hope that it works with the wax-stick-ink.