Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Ultimate MFP

I was on the phone today with a potential customer. This customer has a high volume somewhere in the area of 10 million pages per month. So we starting talking about technology and where it is and where is might go. We spoke in length about the HP Edgeline, CTP for Duplicators, however where we ended up is talking about just adding a splash of color to a monochrome document.

Well, I know the HP Edgeline (highlight color) can do this, however his media requirements does not make the Edgeline a good fit. As a matter of fact it seemed there is no good fit for him. His statement was that they need to add a single color line or a word in color and with his present equipment he would have a charge of six cents per page just for the splash of color. His customers would not pay the price.

In another thought I remember a system from SeriPrinter that actually had a VDP head at the end of the curing process. My question to all of the manufacturers out there is why can't a laser system be developed that prints monochrome but allows the user to add a splash of color or logo with with ink similar to the Seri Printer?

I would tend to think the market for a dedicated system would be tremendous. Thoughts from anyone????

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Greg Walters said...

Yeah...good call on the Edgeline.

"Accent color", with good volume, would be ok on Edgeline but media is probably a limitation.

The point is, Edgeline, as it stands today, does not fit well in a P4P - primarily due to media.

It's designed for business color.

Business color.
Business color.

Anonymous said...

VDP was only window dressing. I asked about it for years and was eventually told the project was scrapped.

When is Ricoh going to "break out of the box" with some real VDP technology? I am tired of just hearing about it.

Anonymous said...

Would this customer be better off paying for parts, labor and supplies rather than per-click? That takes the risk of color use off of the copier dealer and puts both the risk and the reward in the hands of the customer.

If he truly does only accent color, he will use very little color toner.

Art Post said...

Thats actually not a bad idea, the only fault I see with this is if you are not laying down true cyan, yellow or magenta, the drums, and developers are all producing clicks. Thus the customer may or may not get the full yield if the drums and developer cartridges have built in fuses to pop the maintenance meter on the system and shut down the machine.