Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Selling Copiers "Are you Selling the RIGHT Solutions?"

We all know we can't make any money with a box to box situation.  So, where can the profit be made? Usually it's made in non competitive situations that will produce an immediate ROI for the customer.

One of the keys is to know everything about your customer.  You may be able to see the hardware when you do a walk through, however if you don't ask how do you do this or how do you do that, you don't get, get what?  INFORMATION!!!

We need to ask what do you print on that printer or this printer. With this you'll get a better understanding of the media they are using.  Plus, you can then add questions like:

Are those invoices coming from your ERP system? 
Do you buy pre-printed forms for your service department?
Do you use cabonless forms in the office?

That large DOT MATRIX printer does forms right?  Do you know how many forms you print a month, are they pre-printed and how many parts/pages are to those forms.

We need to look for dot matrix printers that are producing form feed (tractor feed) invoices, statements, po's, etc.  While you're looking for that also be on the lookout for boxes of pre-printed forms. We once used these for our service engineers, you know the kind has 50 to a pack, 2 or 3 part and has a front and back cover to kinda make a book.

Why?  The cost of the forms are high and if they are producing the right volume you may be able to offer a cost saving solution that will allow you to maintain margin and give you a feeling of accomplishment that you presented a cost saving solution in a real world work scenario.

Pre-printed 4 part carbon less forms can cost as much as 66 cents per form.  Compare this to a laser printer or an MFP that has a stapler and you can produce the four forms (a letter size on one web site I previewed had a cost of .0296 per sheet), thus with the cost of the paper, the cost of the clicks (5 clicks, first page is printed two sided, second side has t's & c's, the other pages are one sided) at .015 per click we can print the entire form for .195 or almost 20 cents per form.

With this scenario this would save the customer .44 cents per form which can have a savings of $1,100 per month!!! There are many different types of forms and all kinds of different pricing. I got my pricing here  http://www.carbonlessondemand.com/cgi-bin/shop/pid_100.htm.  Point of the matter is this is real world savings and a real world opportunity to knock it outta the box.

But what about the software!!  Yea, what about it!! A few months ago we had a topic on "What type of software is best for forms"on the Print4Pay Hotel forums.  The only software that was mentioned was from Planet Press, and the cost of the software, maintenance and training for the end user was obscene.  There was no way I could cost justify and account producing 1,500 forms per month.  But, like always, time moves on, and things change......right?

I can across an old colleague while at a manufacturers dealer show in Orlando this year.  Bill Schulman now runs Stethos USA.  Stethos has ELP (Enhanced Laser Printer) software that contains two modules, ELP basic and ELP Forms Tool.  When combined these two powerhouse modules allow for MFP's or Laser Printers that are equipped with staplers to produce pre-collated stapled forms!!  The software can take a single page print stream turn it into four pages, print on one side or two, draw paper from any tray, and then tell the printer or MFP to do subset stapling!!  The best part, is it's a fraction of the cost of the Planet Press solution.  I'm not going to rain on Bill's parade with the price, but you will be WOWED!

While speaking with Bill about the ELP software there were additional feature's/modules that can be added to the basic package.  Other features can add a t's & c's pages, signature line, a floating signature line, watermarks, and logo's plus a few more that I didn't hit on.

Stethos wants to help, they are willing to offer free NFR's for any dealers showroom to give them a kick start.  BTW, as with all software I asked, about how long would it take in a typical setting to get this up and running?  15 minutes or so for install and then 1-2 hours depending on how in depth the customer wants to get.  More and more the hybrid dealers are realizing that Professional Services can now be a terrific profit center.  Sell Professional services for the install, training and on going support.

If you have clients using forms, you can become the hero, you can present a cost savings solution with a new piece of hardware, you can make some real profit and you can sell a solution that will drive a single or multiple piece hardware sale.  The thought of the price of the hardware is an after thought when the savings is real world.

Give a shout to Bill st Stethos and find out more about this extreme opportunity and get the NFR for your showroom!

-=Good Selling=-


Anonymous said...

That’s right Art; Show the customer you can really reduce cost, they will listen to this. Follow the Road to Savings, The directions are easy: Make a Right onto Pre-Printed lane; it is littered with production expenses. Like Pre-printed Forms, watches out for that, many customers believe we can’t go around that cost bump. We can eliminate most pre-printed forms: with Forms overlay or insertion. We can even put a logo on the forms. Go around these expenses. Oh yes here it comes the big Expense pot hole, NCR Paper! Pre-printed forms is an expense bump, NCR Paper is a crater in the road. No more, we can just about eliminate this disaster as well with ELP. We can triple copy an invoice and demand stamp it customer, driver and accounting. We don't need paper sets to make three copies/parts anymore. If the customer wants to hit this crater and says he needs color paper, well we can select our copies from other draws, cheaper than color sets. And even more we can create a form overlay that has a color stripe (s), still avoiding the NCR Crater. There is no reason the customer can say he needs NCR paper. If all else fails let him nudge the creator, one copy of the invoice like color can be used with draw select, and the top only copy can be NCR to capture the delivery signature. No reason to hit that one either. Show these few things to the customer, this will save money. When you start avoiding the expense pot holes, it’s a smooth ride to Solution Ville...

Larry Kirsch said...

Good stuff. simple employment of the strategy should get buyers attention. Thanks for the tips.