Thursday, September 25, 2008

Duplexing Duplicators, Rise of the “Green” RICOH DX 4640PD Duplicator.

Duplexing Duplicators, Rise of the “Green” RICOH DX 4640PD Duplicator.

Death of Duplicators was an article I read many years ago. I too thought the technology was dead. However, it seems “Green” Duplicators are now the “in thing” . You may ask how the heck can a duplicator be Green? Well, they can and I’ve outlined one particular system in this blog. Others may ask what is a digital duplicator? If, so you can go here .

Ricoh introduced a Duplexing Duplicator (RICOH DX 4640PD) a few months ago, that’s right it will print both sides of the paper (letter size) in one pass, thus saving paper and trees. In fact this “Green” Duplicator can print 240 images per minute (ipm), which almost doubles the speed of any current duplicator on the market today.

The RICOH DX 4640PD also utilizes these “Green” Features Quick Start Up Technology, Power Saving Sleep Mode and uses NO HEAT to fix the image onto the paper! In fact this system uses a “cold process” to dry the ink. Thus electric consumption is decreased which enables a cost saving to the customer. Think of this, this system is ready to make prints after only 15 seconds, about the time it take too put on original on the glass or send a print job to the system.

So, who the heck needs a “Green” Duplicator? Schools, Large Churches, Health Care Providers, Faith Based Organizations, Colleges, and Hospitals can benefit from using less paper! That’s right two bring home flyers can now be printed on the same piece of paper in a single pass. How about forms, tests, charts, NCR forms and reading material they all work too right. How about companies that need thousands of bi-lingual forms or instructions? Can you image having an old duplicator that did one million pages a year can be cut to five hundred thousand, that’s a savings of 100 boxes of paper and a heck of a few trees.

If you have an old duplicator that can print up to 11x17, and you only print letter size documents, did you know that you are wasting half of the plate material? By acquiring a new “Green” Duplicator such as the RICOH DX4640PD you could cut your plate costs in half and help save resources!

Duplicators can also print in single or dual color and print onto virtually any type of media, so if you didn’t think a duplicator was for you, think again.

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