Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MFP Wide Format Success Story with P4P Hotel!!

Thought I would repost this from the RFG Message Boards. Real story, real help, become a member, converse and share ideas and solutions with your peers!

This message was posted by Brian from Pittsburgh about a year ago.

After working on an account for close to 1 year, I finally had the opportunity to place a wide-format plotter. The Gestetner AO45. This is the first one that my company placed in the field, as we had just started to carry the wide-format line.

Although, they sent a tech, a trainer, and an IT guy to Ricoh Univ. when the piece went in which was configured with the print/scan controller / Post Script / and the 2 roll drawer with the bottom paper stacking contraption, the piece would just not work.

Murphy's Law kicked in. Anything and Everything that could go wrong DID!!!!!!! My support had given up, whispering stupid rumors that I had placed the wrong equipment which I knew I did not.

They made a tremendous effort to rectify the situation using the standard resources any dealer has. Even our local Wide Format Specialist was of NO HELP!!!!

I turned to the P4PHotel for help. Again, without the knowledge, real-world experiences, and community, this deal would have been dead. Because of the tremendous amount of support and feedback, I was able to, most importantly, get the customer to be happy, meet their needs, and personally be vindicated, and re-earn the respect of my support personnel.

This wasn't by any stretch of the imagination, a huge deal, but it meant a lot. And that means more than money. At the end of the day, if it wasn't for this community, this deal would have been DEAD..THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR HELP

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