Monday, December 1, 2008

Ink Printing "Memjet" Awesome Speeds

Memjet, I've seen the videos and they are awesome, from the information below it seems Memjet will only make the componets for another manufacturer. At this time there is no info on what manufacturer will hold the keys to kingdom.

My thinking is Epson, Canon or HP, or maybe all three, we'll have to see. You've got to check out the video. It's AWESOME!

- More details on Memjet Technology, the company that promised to revolutionize the industry with a low cost, high speed color inkjet system:
o was invented by Kia Silverbrook of Australia
o Company is backed by two wealthy investors:
 Ray Stata, cofounder and chairman of Analog Devices, a $2.5 billion Massachusetts-based semiconductor company
 George Kaiser, the twentieth-richest American, a Oklahoma oil, gas and banking mogul with assets of $12 billion
o First product will ship in late 2009
o Prototype shown to industry reporters offered:
o 60ppm top speed for low quality mode (1600x800dpi)
o 30ppm top speed for high quality mode (1600x1600dpi)
o Uses five rows of page wide inkjet printhead arrays
o Possible selling price of $499
o 2300 patents issued so far, with 2000 pending
o Plan is to sell low cost replacement ink rather than expensive cartridges, as inkjet heads have long life
o Memjet will make components only, and its OEM partners will actually make and market the printers (the identity of the electronics makers that will market Memjet is still being kept secret)

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Greg Walters said...

MemJet - first rumored to have a product in 2008 -

From the Economist, March 30, 2007 -

"No one expects Silverbrook to go head-to head with HP, Canon, Epson or Lexmark. But if the Memjet technology is as good as the scuttlebutt suggests, it could easily be licensed to market heavyweights like Dell, Panasonic or Samsung."

Also, from Business Week, April 23, 2007, in an interview with Memjet's Bill McGlynn, Louise Lee reports, "...McGlynn says three companies have ordered the technology from his Eagle (Idaho) startup to use in home printers expected to retail under their brand names for about $300 in early 2008..."

The technology "looks" great.

It seems they are just having a tough time getting off the ground.