Wednesday, September 24, 2008

MFP & Copier Pay Plan Changes for the Future

I'd like to introduce Bill Siderys as one of our new "Guest Bloggers" . I have known Bill for years and recommend him to anyone who is looking to venture into the Managed Print Services side of the business. Here's what Bill contributed for you, also please pay a visit to his site.

MFP & Copier Pay Plan Changes for the Future:

Many things have changed in how we go to the street with our products and services. The number of new “page” or “MPS” providers is growing daily. The entrance of the traditional IT companies and automated system will drive a change in our pay plans. If the new game is about the pages, then it is fair to say that the traditional pay plans will also change. I have been asked many times in the last five years about how to compensate a dealer’s sales team.

Many dealers are moving towards some type of first year (page) compensation plan. The normal programs pay on the first year of minimum contract. However, due to the weakness in this style of pay plan I don’t see a future on this type of hybrid pay plan. (Visit to read more). Two items will surely drive this pay plan change in the future. One of the main forces will be the accelerated drive towards total pages sold.

If your competition can deliver a MFP at cost plus delivery, you will be forced to react. As bids or RFP’s come out requiring MPS, the traditional dealer community will have to compensate their sale team to keep the pages as well as hardware. The other part of the change that will help your future pay plans are online tools like the servers from ( .

So as the copier market and competition changes, your potential for income should change.

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Greg Walters said...

Good Post.

Comp on the "clicks" is a new and very interesting subject.

I have heard of firms "pooling" monthly clicks generated by the sales team and issuing quarterly bonuses based on hitting certain levels...