Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ricoh Introduction of the Wide Format Color Scanner

Ricoh is pleased to announce the introduction of the new Ricoh Wide Format Scanner (WFCS).

The Wide Format Color Scanner is Ricoh’s first entry into color scanning for the wide format market. This product will open a new market for you to prospect and will match or exceed competitors’ products in bid situations.

This WFCS is designed to work with all Ricoh wide format products, but really fits well when bundled with the SP W2470 to create a very low cost color scanning, multi-function product. It will also allow output to a host of inkjet color printers, further extending the capabilities and benefits. Please note that to output to inkjet devices, the WFCS must recognize the 480W, SP W2470, MP W2400 or a MP W3600 on the network.

Ricoh Wide Format Color Scanner Key Highlights: Standard Features:

  • 4-channel CCD camera (x3)

  • 48-Bit Color

  • 600 dpi

  • 12 inches per second (monochrome)/.6 inches per second (color) scanning speed—the fastest in the industry

  • Automatic color calibration and camera alignment

One of the first responses we had from a P4P Hotel member on this product was that his sales cost would be higher than the MSRP of $6,500. Another issue is that this scanner will only work when it sees a Ricoh Wide Format device on the network. Therefor, the unit can't be sold as an add on color scanner (boo hoo)!

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