Saturday, September 13, 2008

Top Ten MFP "Predictions for 2009"

Here's my top ten for 2009, believe it not, I do not think there will be anymore acquisitions by the big boys.

1. Canon and HP will develop a cross marketing venture.

2. Introduction of the first printer centric A4 90ppm system or faster.

3. Panasonic will drop out of the MFP businesss.

4. Canon Business Systems USA will open direct branches to compete with Ikon.

5. Ricoh will spend less on R & D due to increased debt.

6. Independent dealerships merges will be the new FAD.

7. A new holding company will emerge to acquire copier dealerships, in essence a renewal of IKON, Danka and Global.

8. HP will start buying Dealers in key market areas.

9 Printer Management will increase in popularity, thus starting the trend for reps to be paid on clicks and not boxes.

10. Copier Technicians will unionize.

-=Good Selling=-

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