Sunday, September 21, 2008

Okidata 3641 Color MFP "Print Shop in A Box"

Can't be, Naw one system can't be everything to a Print Shop right? Well, the Okidata 3641 foots the bill and it's a "Print Shop in A Box"!

I recently had this system on a demonstration with the Oki3641 at a local P4P (Print4Pay) Account in New Jersey. The customer has an older Ricoh 6513 (fiery) and a Canon 3220 (fiery). Our customer was actually using both of these units for color output the 3220 for speed and the 6513 for thick stock and high quality. Well, the oki3641 performed awesome! From thick stock (170lb index) to gloss stock and a stock I've never seen before, the stock was very thick and is stock that artist use to paint watercolors. The quality of color was awesome on all stocks.

Color was consistent from page one to five hundred, feeding different stocks was not and issue. A couple of outstanding features is that the iko will take 13x19 paper through the by-pass, plus it has a pull down exit tray that allows thick stock to come out flat and not curl (just what the doctor order).

The end is that the customer can eliminate the Ricoh and the Canon and just rely on the Oki3641 for all of his color requirements! Listed below is a few bullet points about the Oki3641.

• Has a high duty cycle, rated at 150,000 per month. Although I have it in applications that run 50,000 color prints per month with out issue.
• All toners, drums and maintenance kits can be changed by the end user. This leads to less down time.
• The color output is spectacular. Rivals anything on the market under $50K. The retail on this unit is $19,000.
• Uses micro-fine spherical toner to get high quality output.
• Can handle 12/18 out of each of the 4 draws. Up to 110lb index in the draws.
• The Multi-purpose tray can handle up to 170lb index and 12.9” x 48” paper for banners.
• Have seen some applications where a book binder is doing 5,000 sheet runs of cloth sheets thru the multipurpose tray. This does lead to premature wear of drums and fuser, however the output looks great.
• Since the 3641 is versatile, dealers usually place it in accounts that there main copier line is giving them trouble. Most of the time the 3641 is able to solve the issue and save the account.
• Some dealers are attaching a 1,000 sheet envelope feeder to the 3641 and marketing it with variable data software for envelope printing. This is an untapped market, where there is a lot of interest in print for pay.
• Comes standard with Fiery. Uses the latest OS from Fiery system 8, which allows the end user to customize properties screen in the print application.
• The Oki 3641 Fiery comes standard with Spot-on, Hot Folders, Auto trapping, Variable data printing.
• Has Send-me built in. This is Fiery’s version of e-copy. Send me is the front end of a document management system.
• You can add an OCR connector to Send-Me and it will allow you to do OCR at the machine. This saves on licensing fees. In addition it gives you search able PDF documents and a hidden text layer.
• It also copies. Although it does not have program keys, and First Copy Out Time is about 9 sec. It can be used in walk up copy environments.

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