Monday, October 10, 2011

My 2nd Reason Why Managed Print Services is a Loser

My first reason for Why Managed Print Services is a loser was waste and maybe that was to broad of a reason.  Waste can come in many different forms, such as waste in energy, waste is resources, waste in consumables, waste in landfill, waste of space, and waste of time!

As the second reason, I'd like to focus on waste of energy.  Think about it, 50 lasers printers firing up everyday, heating and cooling all day long. It's gotta take it's toll on energy consumption.  For those of you who are not aware of the laser engine technology, I'll make is real simple for you. Toner is needed to make a print, in most laser printers toner is housed in the print cartridge. Toner is fine plastic resin particles. In order for the toner to adhere to the paper it must be heated and fixed.  All laser printers have a heat roller or heat belt that melts to toner.  In order to have the printer print quickly most of these devices maintain a temperature threshold.

So, lets be bold and say we have 50 laser printers firing up and staying on all day wouldn't it be smarter to have 5 work group Multifunctional Copier Devices that could support every ones printing.  

Gesh, what would it cost on energy to run let's say a certain "Q" color laser printer?

Well, from my sources that certain "Q"  color laser printer would use 8.6 kWh per week based on 500 black and 500 color.  If this took place in NJ the average cost per kWh is .1089. So the cost one printer for the year $44.95 and the month would be $3.75.  Bless our hearts, we have 50 of these "Q" color laser printers!  Easy math tells us to do 50 x 3.75 for a total of $187.30 for the monthly cost and $2,247.70 for the year!

All right, let's get rid of all those printers and lets put in three multifunctional color copier/printers systems from "R" (followers of the blog will know who this is).  To be fair, let's look at 30ppm print speed and the volume of each system will produce 5,000 black and 5,000 color to match the output of the 50 "Q" devices.

Wanna get shocked, these "R" devices use only 1.62 kWh per week and based on the cost of .1089. So the cost to run one "R" 30ppm multifunctional copier/printer for the year $8.46 and the month would be .70 cents.  We've got money because we dumped the 50 printers, we have 5 of these "R" 30ppm multifunctional copier/printer!  Easy math tells us to do 5 x .70 for a total of $3.50 for the monthly cost and $42 for the year!

I dunno, $2,247.70 per year or $42 per year, which would you rather spend?

I picked an easy scenario, 50 of the same printers and 5 of the same copiers. It seemed like the "Q" printer uses more energy than average.  But, the numbers are the numbers.  Can you image a fleet of one printer to two hundred printers??  What could the energy savings be then if converted to Multifunctional copier printers.

I'm an Copier/MFP guy, I know the right thing is to rid the world of cheap printers or at least printers that cost to much to operate.  Most of these MPS studies don't recommend change (some do, some don't) based on energy consumption, they recommend change for profit for them and can save you a few dollars here and there. 

Phase out these inexpensive printers and follow the light to Copier/MFP Glory and count the savings!

BTW, wanna know where I got my stats??  Join the P4P Hotel forums and find out!

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