Thursday, October 20, 2011

Daily Managed Print Industry Notes from Around the World!

Calgary, Alberta - October 19, 2011 – With nearly 7,000 employees and a new facility being built, NHS Hospital’s IT Management team was tasked with developing a plan to move the entire IT infrastructure to the new location in a timely and efficient manner. However, the team had little visibility and understanding of the print environment as its current print tracking tool only provided a high level overview of network printing.  “Looking at the overall IT requirements of the move, it was important we understood the printing behaviour of both users and departments, a more powerful and robust tool was required,” recalls Mohandeep Randhawa, Technical Services Officer, more

After looking at the aspects of cost, security and control, the IT team decided that it was more feasible to opt for a Managed Print Services (MPS) model, and outsourced these services to Canon. Canon evaluated the printer landscape at MindTree, more

Is Dell making another move to enter the managed print services market? Several announcements made today indicate that Dell is certainly taking on a more solutions focus with their new product lineup. Dell announced version 2 of OpenManage Print Manager (OPMP), a printer fleet management tool to monitor, manage and report on the status of networked printers. The tool is available online and can be accessed from any Windows-based PC.  Updates in version 2 include an easier-to-use interface, increased security; expanded functionality in regards to bowser and OS support and optimized discovery performance. OPMP is a no-cost, brand agnostic tool available for download more

A report published by research firm IDC in November 2010 predicted that companies the world over will spend more than £2.5bn a year on managed print services (MPS) by 2014, with 20 per cent of UK companies employing 500 or more staff already using MPS. While those figures imply growing interest in outsourced printing services, it is important to remember the model does not fit every firm’s requirements: plenty of IT departments still either prefer to keep control of their own print environment, or just do not print enough pages to justify outsourcing management and maintenance to a third more

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