Tuesday, October 25, 2011

800 Ways to Save and Serve "The Staff of Life"

The information below was derived from a pamphlet that I found while cleaning out the attic.  The pamphlet was printing in 1941 and was titled "800 Ways to Save and Serve", which was designed to help Americans with the World War II effort.

"The Staff of Life"

Bread will stay fresher longer, and keep from molding in humid weather, if it is wrapped in moisture-proof paper and kept in the refrigerator or in a well ventilated bread box. Home-made bread should be cooled before storing.

All-purpose flour can be used in recipes calling for cake flour. Use 7/8 cup of all purpose for 1 cup of cake flour.

Always soft before measuring and pile it lightly in to the cup without jarring. Otherwise you use too much flour, which is wasteful, and the finished product is not as good.

When the recipe says "dredge with seasoned flour" don't waste flour. Put a little in a paper bag, drop in the food and shake together thoroughly. The food will be evenly coated, and much less flour is used.

Flour can be substituted for corn-starch. Use twice as much. 

Pastry won't stick to the board if you have thumb-tack waxed paper to the board before rolling out the pastry.

Rolls and muffins which have hardened to the "can't be et" stage are easily freshened. Sprinkle the rolls or muffins with with water, wrap in brown paper bag and warm in a hot oven for a few moments.

Who's too proud for day old bread! It's not only cheaper and just as nourishing, but actually better for the teeth and gums.

Did you know that day old bread makes better toast than fresh bread?

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