Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 Reasons Why Managed Print Services is a Loser

Where does Managed Print fit? Some think it's the bomb for 100 plus employees, especially if they have a large fleet of printers. But, I'll never admit to that. never ever....why, well there's quite a few reasons and my 1st reason in a series of 10 reasons of Why Managed Print Services is a LOSER (L).

1. Waste....there's not need to have printer at ever desk, you think tree huggers are bad, take a peek at those printer huggers and they'd make you cry with their excuses not to give up their printer!!!! Oh my, I can't walk to a work group printer or an MFP, it's a waste of my time.....well not really it'll do you some good to get off your fat butt and walk down the hall every now and then.

And then there's this lame excuse, I print financial and secure documents and no ones allowed to see them but me!  Really!!, go grow a set and help the environment and spend a few dollars a month for a secure print solution and then you won't to cry that someone may read your confidential information.

Or how about this one....I'd lose so much productivity if I had to walk back and forth to get my documents. Yeah, right like you might not be able to do a little web surfing, or update your rotisserie league, or lose a few more hands of  solitaire (now that's a real losers game).  Point is, if you had some real print management software you'd only have to get up a few times to get your prints off of the workgroup MFP.

One more for about instead of putting your needs for printing first, take a look at your companies position. It costs per money per page to print to a desktop laser printer than a work group MFP!  It costs more money to manage a fleet of printers than it does to manage a fleet of MFPs!  Want job security?  Then I suggest throwing your printers in the trash, hang out the window and yell WE'RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!

The facts, there's so much hype about Managed Print Service that it's overwhelming.  Fact is, your local MFP/Copier Dealer Expert rep can put together a solid plan with print software and MFP's that will save you money, end the waste, trim the bulge and increase productivity!  DONE

-=Good Selling=-

PS  Looking for the rest tune in everyweek, this is the first in a series of 10

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