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P4P Hotels Look Back at Special War Time "Ways to Save and Serve"

I was going through some items that had been my parents and came across boxes full of media from the late 30's through the 70's. One pamphlet that I found was printed in 1942 and suggest on "Ways to Save and Serve" during the wartime effort.

I enjoyed reading this and thought that other P4P'ers might enjoy the read and get a better handle on what their parents or grandparents went through during WWII.
120 Ways to Save on Food
A Word to the Wise

Government study has shown that Americans waste fully 20% of their food through spoilage and over-generous portions which are "pecked at". Practice the food savers in this book. Serve moderate helping first, second helping if wanted. This sensible practice minimizes unusable leftovers-and moderate servings look more appetizing. If your food bill is $10 per week, you can save about $100 a year, according to the Government, merely by adopting this conservation corps habit.

Don't be too bashful to add up your grocery and butcher bills before paying them. To err is human, but don't let the error be at your expense.

Plan your meals by the week with a careful eye to ration values, as well as prices. The savings you will make by such foresight will buy many a war stamp.

Canned Good Facts

Now that the lid is down on canned goods, drop your prejudice against lower-grade markings. Higher-priced markings some¬times indicate only larger, better¬shaped and "matched" contents, not greater food value.

Bulging ends on tin cans are a danger signal. The contents have probably begun to ferment and spoil. Nothing wrong, though, with cans that are merely dented.

Use the liquid from canned vegetables in soups, sauces, stews, gravies, casserole dishes, and for making white sauce for creamed vegetables.

Note from Art:

Since I'm one of those late boomers. I now realize maybe where the phrase "make sure you finish your dinner" may have come from. The line that states over generous portions are "pecked" at. Please all comments or stories are welcome.

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