Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ten Commandments of the Xerox ColorQube

  1. Thou shall not leave prints or copies on the dashboard of your car, (water boils at 212 degrees)
  2. Thou shall think twice about folding or creasing prints or copies
  3. Thou shall wait ???? minutes for system to warm up from cold start
  4. Thou shall not tipeth the system when wax is molten
  5. Thou shall trust a machine to decide what price tier to charge you when making copies
  6. Thou shall trust software to decide what price tier to charge you when making prints
  7. Thou shall trust that research shows 75% of all users color print or copy in "everyday color"
  8. Thou shall replace the cleaning unit when needed, WARNING SILICON FLUIDS ARE AN EXTREME SLIP HAZARD! Do not spill!
  9. Thou shall replace the waste ink tray, since these are not recycled
  10. Thou shall not turn the system off, for it is recommended that the device only be turned off if there is an error or the system needs to be moved

I know there's only ten, but I'm adding this one:

11. Thou shall dispose of all waste material in accordance with National, Local, State or Federal regulations which are applicable.

Alright, before I get the whiners, I went through the ColorQube manual for and found some of this information.

-=Good Selling=-


kevinmarks said...

Art –

We expected the launch of the ColorQube to make some waves and your posts definitely are keeping the conversation going - it's like the Big 10 conference of printing!

I got some laughs from your ten commandments list.

If you’re ever in a situation as hot as #1, you should probably worry about more than just your solid ink prints! And have you taken an inkjet print out in the rain lately? Don’t get me started. LOL

Remember, solid ink engines consume power differently than laser, so ColorQube actually meets the new stricter 2009 ENERGY STAR qualification.

Also with the Intelligent Ready feature you can forget about the warm-up time. As you wrote in a previous post, Intelligent Ready automatically learns the usage patterns of your office to put the machine in sleep mode when not needed, and makes sure it is ready to go for the first person in the office (probably you!).

Document cost savings should always be looked at closely. We’ll be launching a document analyzer tool on that you can use before sending it to print and we don’t expect you to trust us – customers should definitely investigate their options with multiple vendors before making their choice.

Is a Letterman Top 10 Reasons to Go Solid next? To get you started:
- It gives you a good reason to walk around the office saying “SOLID”
- You just topped off the ink in every ColorQube in the building without interrupting anyone
- It melts in your printer, not in your hand

Thanks for keeping the ColorQube discussion going.

Dan Willis said...

love the borg picture!
Resistance to the colorqube is futile!
When are we going to be able to sell mfp's that print moving pictures like that menu Uhura was holding in the new star trek film? I wonder what one of those clicks would cost...

Unknown said...

Kevin, agreed the ColorQube is HOT! Ya know what I mean, I also think I've exhuasted my resume on the Qube. There are good things and bad things with the Qube, it's all about customer perception and value.

Hope this is a winner for you, and hope it's not for me.