Monday, October 13, 2008

Selling Copiers "Rise of the A4's" Part Deux

What's all the fuss!!! Xerox, Muractec, Samsung all have them. Sharp will launch Frontier (the first real copier company to be their own OEM) the end of 08 or first quarter of 09. Rumor has it that Ricoh is introducing two this week at their National Dealer Meeting in Orlando, Florida.

It's A4, an MFP device that can't print, copy or scan ledger (11x17). WHOYAA!

Now, I'm gonna tell you about my "wish" A4 device.

  • 11x17 platen top for scanning 11x17

  • scan2print (scan and then direct to any printer on the network)

  • 15" LCD Display (More customers complain about the little LCD's Displays than anything else)

  • 2, 3 or even four fax modems in the system, allowing for mini fax server

  • Internet Access from the 15" Touch LCD Display for Direct Printing off the web

  • Scoring Feature, allowing the paper to be scored in half, great for heavy coverage color that needs to be folded

  • NO AIO (All in One Cartridge), cartridge toner is less expensive and lasts longer!

  • Ink Jet Print Head at end of print cycle to add single color, small logo's and envelopes

  • Large Capacity Cassette for Envelopes Only (500 envelopes)

That's about it for now, I'm sure I'll think of something at 2 or 3 AM in the morning. Hey, hope all you Product Marketing Guru's are on top of this.

-=Good Selling=-


Greg Walters said...

It's an HP thing...LOL

No, really, I have some study somewhere conducted by HP that shows 95% or something like that, of copies are 8.5x11. The study also revealed 80% of documents are printed, and 1-2% actually use 3-hole punch.

How many times have you opened the 11x17 paper tray and dust bunnies float away?

I like the 2-3 fax line idea - although everyone has a fax server(doh!) few are fully implemented...

Art Post said...


When you refer to opening the 11x17 tray I guess you are thinking I want 11x17, and I don't. All I want is for the top (Platen Glass) to be able to scan 11x17, thereny allowing to the customer to reduce, enlarge, and scan2print where there is a laserprinter or another mfp that may handle the 11x17 paper size.

Anonymous said...

I think perhaps you might best go take a course on ISO & NA paper sizes, you appear to be considerably confused. 11 x 17 is tabloid, also refered to as A-3. Letter =8.5 x 11,also known as A4. Legal=8.5 x 14.

Art Post said...


Thats one thing I hate, someone who hides behind anonymous.

If you READ the blog, 11x17 (also Ledger) would be for the platen glass for scanning (NOT PRINTING or COPYING), along with reducing documents to A4 size.

Therefor the print device would be A4, however you could scan 11x17, this was done many years ago on a Minolta 350z (analog device) and it was a huge seller.