Friday, March 22, 2013

7 Ways to Help You Get Better Results When Prospecting

Prospecting in the office equipment industry is equal to putting your shoes on every day. It's just something you do all of the time!

Now that I'm a little older and little wiser (that's me), I've been able to hone some of my prospecting skills to get better results and qualified prospects. Here's a few tips for you.

1. Sometimes during the sales process, the customer will ask for a better price, and yes you can use the standard close, "If I can give you a better price can we do business today?", however I'll also add that in order to get the better price I'd like to get two to three names and contact information for friends or associates that are in business that may have a need for my services. This is probably the best references or leads that you can get, and you must follow up on them right away!

2. Vertical Market Prospecting, follow up with other businesses that are in the same business where you just made a sale. Mention to the new prospect that you just helped out "xyz" company to new state of the art technology and also make the statement that there are many features designed for your type of business that will save time and money. It's just like the copier industry, when you come right down to it, its a small world and everyone pretty much knows someone else in their same line of work.

3. Prospect Around The Corner, when you have made a sale or have gained an appointment be sure to make a call to other businesses in the area and let them know you'll be meeting with so and so, and ask if you can stop buy. The same goes true for knocking on doors, whether before or at the end of the appointment take the time to stop at other businesses and tell them of your success or just drop a card and a brochure. It may take so time, however these cold calls will pay dividends down the road.

4. When going to a network event, GO ALONE!, this will force you into having conversations with other people and not yucking it up with your buddy from the office. Volunteer to be an officer or chair a committee for that organization.

5. Develop and maintain a mailing list of all your cold calls whether phone or on-site calls. Then set a reminder on a calendar program for a monthly mailing or emailing to these clients. You can mail brochures, flyer's or my favorite a neat little one page newsletter that will keep them updated with your new products and services. If you are religious in sending mail or email every month, you will start seeing great results in 3-6 months.

6. Many times when prospecting we can't get the name of the "right" person to speak, this is when you can turn to their web site and see who may be listed as C level execs. If you can't get the information I have a little secret that I can share (via email only art@p4photel and you'll need to register to be a print4pay hotel member, it's free) and I will send you a little trick that may give you the contact name you need or at least someone to start with.

7. LinkedIn baby! I use the free version, however I will use it to see if any of my contacts are connected or doing business with the company that I'm looking to penetrate.  I'll also use it to see if I already know anyone who is working there. If there is a connection with one of my existing accounts or someone I know I will ask for a connection.

If you have anything else to add, please feel free to!

-=Good Selling=-

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