Sunday, March 31, 2013

15 Ways to Make your MFP & MPS Proposals Standout!

Over the years I've seen a lot of really bad Copier and MPS proposals and some very good ones. The very bad ones far outweigh the very good ones.

AS much as we always try to get in front of the decision maker(s) there are many times when we just can't get the access to the DM and we have to submit a proposal to the gate keeper that will then forward the proposal for a decision.

What can make your proposal stand out from all of the others?

1. Make sure the proposal is perfect, no misspelled words, no wrong model numbers and no abbreviations.  I'd like to point out that abbreviations can make you seem lazy because you didn't take the time to type out the entire words,  and this can be seen as taking shortcuts, the last thing I want is the DM thinking is that I'm lazy or not putting the full effort in on something as simple as a proposal.

2.  Call to action items which can include value points, list of features and benefits to the prospect.

3. A lockout solution/feature, if you did you an awesome assessment you'll probably have one or two solutions or features that will make you stand out. Make sure that you list what your solution or feature is going to do for them such as:  "On our assessment we noticed that there are many prints being left on the copiers and printers that are never picked up, in addition these documents have personal information on them.  Our device agnostic Print Secure software will eliminate those pages being left on the printers and copiers, and in additional all of the pages that are printed will have a banner on the document stating who printed that document."

4. If you have multiple systems to quote add a floor plan showing the existing systems and what systems will be moved, replaced or retired.

5.Out line the prospects existing costs and then present the expected replacements costs along with any savings.

6. If the customer is leasing, provide them with all of the leasing information, 24, 36, 48 and 60 month lease terms (unless the customer has specified that they only want you to quote a certain term)
7. Include a SOW (scope of work), what they can expect from you and what you expect of them (this is especially crucial when upgrading or buying out leases that are not in your portfolio).

8. Pictures can help tell a story, add a picture of the system or even pictures of the options.

9. Cover letters are always a great way to show them that you and your company is professional in everything that you do.

10. Proposals are just that, nothing binding, along with the proposal present them with a filled out order form, maintenance agreement and lease.  If you're really committed add your sign here sticky notes and them that you expect the order!

If you'd like the last five please register for the Print4Pay Hotel forums (it's free) and I'll send you the last five!

Remember that you are presenting you, your company and your manufacturer on a piece of media, make it easy to read (larger fonts), highlight key points of the proposal, make sure the prints are perfect (no shading, spots, or banding), present in a folder, binder whatever you feel comfortable with. 

-=Good Selling=-

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