Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sharp "What Will Happen" Part Two

On the Print4Pay Hotel forums we've had an ongoing poll titled "Sharp What Will Happen". We posed this question to our members:

Pretty cut and dry, do you think they will sell the MFP division to stay afloat?  

The end of the fiscal year for Sharp Japan is right around the corner, sometime in the next few weeks we'll see the earnings potential for Sharp.

Some Print4Pay Hotel members have speculated that if a deal is going to cut with Samsung for the copier division that it may happen before the end of the 2012 fiscal year which is March 31st, 2013.

In the last week Sharp had missed the deadline to receive the additional monies from Qualcom, I find it amazing that for months all we new about this deal is that Qualcom had bought  a 2.65 percent stake in Sharp. Not until last week did we find out that Sharp had missed a March 29th deadline to complete a plan to begin fabricating power-saving screens.  Thus Sharp missed out on the final $60 million payment.  I'm thinking that was pretty painful. In a recent bit of news it was reported that Sharp will now receive the other $60 million some time in late June of 2013.

Seems most of us were not aware of this T & C with Qualcom and Sharp, and I'm now wondering if there were also some other  T & C's that were built into the Samsung buy in also?

So much for the recent updates with Sharp:

Here's how are Print4Pay Hotel members voted:

59% voted YES "That Sharp will sell the MFP Division"
41% voted No   

In politics some would argue that 59% - 41% is a landslide. Stay tuned I'm sure we'll here much more in the coming weeks.  BTW if you'd like to cast your vote please follow this link if you're a Print4Pay Hotel member VOTE HERE and if you're not a member then Register Here (It's Free) and then place your vote.

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