Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sharp to Sell it's Imaging Division or Not to Sell it's Imaging Division

I was not planning on writing on blog tonight, however with the recent news from last night that Sharp (Japan) has rejected a proposal from Samsung to buy Sharps Imaging Division (FYI, all of our Print4Pay Hotel members were notified last via email).  There's already been 12 threads in reference to the proposal. 

For months and months we've been hearing the hype from Sharp USA that the Imaging Division will not be sold, matter fact there so much hype out there that many pundits were starting to drink the Koolaid that Sharp USA was dishing out. 

In fact recent months have been better for Sharp (Japan), I mentioned this in an earlier blog.  As I told a few Print4Pay Hotel members today, why would I bother presenting a proposal to someone if they were not in the market or willing to listen?

It's obvious that Samsung and Sharp were talking due to the fact that Samsung engaged with Sharp for a 3% stake in the company.  What we don't know is if the original proposal to Sharp included the offer to buy the Imaging Division, or this was something that was done after the investment by Samsung.  We also don't know why the proposal was rejected, was it not enough money, did the Japanese banks squash the deal, is Sharp still reluctant to sell one of money making divisions, or are they holding out for a better offer or maybe there's a better offer on the table from someone else?

Today, I received this headline "Sharp May Sell Copier Operations to Samsung", whoa, now this is a complete turn around from what I heard last night, and this report came from the Sankei Shimbun.

At this point in time, I'm leaving for my trip. I hope that Sharp & Samsung will work something before I get back.

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