Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ricoh Set to Launch Color Plotter

Well, we Ricoh Family Group wide format guys and gals have been asking for a color plotter for years! Finally, it seems we are going to get what we've been asking for.

In few short days Ricoh will "officially launch" the Ricoh 7700 and Ricoh 9700. The Ricoh 7700 is a 24 inch wide color plotter that has five ink cartridges, three for color and two for black, while the 9700 is a 44 inch model with all of the same features of the 7700. MSRP for the 7700 is $2,995 and $4,995 for the 9700.

This information is available on Ricoh's web site? NO, not yet, however it is on Epsons web site. Here's the link 7700 & 9700

There's also a link to buy this system through the Espon site, however when you click the link you are directed to Ricoh's web site. It seems this model Epson will only be resold through Ricoh Family Group Dealers and Ricoh branches.

I'm a little curious, will these plotters have the Ricoh name on them? Will all of the branding be Ricoh or Epson?

We, it really doesn't matter, Ricoh's got a strong wide format presence and one of the items missing was a low end device, the thinking is that the new plotters will act as a seeding with the hope that in a few years users will migrate to the larger devices.

Over the last 12 months more and more low end AEC users have been pulling the trigger on low end plotters due to the fact that they are receiving files and plans via email or via disk.

I think it's gonna be a winner for Ricoh and a great seeding program.


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