Sunday, January 24, 2010

Print4Pay Hotel closes Office Equipment Poll!

This was a poll I had running on the Print4Pay Cafe blog for a few months. It was more tongue and cheek. I forgot to add a line for Canon buys Oce? (arrggghh)

What's the next big development that will shake up and rattle the office equipment industry?

Here's how the voting shook out:

RISO will enter the MFP game and make a splash 14%

Ricoh changes name to Ikon Americas Corporation 11%

Canon really does buy the Toshiba MFP business for distribution 25%

HP buys XEROX 19%

Sharp's A4 products outsell Sharp's A3 products 26%

None of the above 5%

Let's see Riso has entered the MFP market with their ComColor Devices, Canon did not buy Toshiba but they did make the move on OCE. Sharp, we've heard the A4 MFP's have been selling well.

Look for a new poll next week on the Print4Pay Cafe!

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