Thursday, January 28, 2010

Marketing Copiers and MFPs "101"

In an effort to keep adding value and solutions for our Print4Pay Hotel members. The Print4Pay Hotel is exciting to announce a NEW P4PU Webinar "Marketing arm of your Copier Company that your sales reps always wanted!"

I've had this site in a beta test for awhile now and I'm happy with how it's evolved and the amount of calls and sales I've received. I'm not gonna let the cat out of the bag right now, however give this a read through and log on to the Print4Pay to get detailed time and date for this POWERFUL Webinar!

Having been in the printer and copier sales business for years, many of the processes used by the industry do not leverage the technology available to make sales reps and copier companies as profitable as possible. Manufacturers push MPS because they want to lock in the clicks, but you have to do all of the heavy lifting. Once tracking devices, who determines whether there is a good fit. This is especially true on the printer side of the fence where there is little total gross profit per transaction making it an area of our customers which winds up costing them a lot more than necessary if we can't get them to "get rid of all those old printers."

In our webinar, I will go over several components of my sales process which I am branching out to copier dealers which has made my numbers stay level and slightly rise while the industry has taken a hit with the economic downturn. Here are some of the things I will show you.

I will show you how I use Print Asset tracking software to AUTOMATICALLY notify me when there are opportunities in the printer fleets which I am responsible for. It will also create the comparisons for me so that I can talk to customers with side by side comparisons which I don't have to produce. (Well, I have to enter in all the data, but you won't).

I will show you how I use this software to Automatically generate printer and copier supplies quotes.

I will show you how I use the web and search engine optimization to create new leads for copiers.

I will show you how I create side by side quote comparisons in less than 3 minutes which include: product photos, pdfs, basic speed, cost of toner, lease pricing, and TCO.

I will show you how you can have a simplified version of this on your site which will allow a customer to do some of this legwork and make you look like more of an expert.

I will show you how to get competitive information on over 800 printers and copiers in ONE LOCATION!

I will show you how this can work for you regardless of the brand you sell. I sell printers and copiers, I do not work for Xerox, for Lexmark, or Ricoh...

We only work with one reseller/dealer per major metro area. Chances are that if you have any (or all) of the problems I did listed above, you could benefit. Your cost will be less than $500 per month (and even lower depending on needed feature sets...) What are we? We are the Marketing arm of your company your sales reps always wanted! Why? Because I am a sales rep who built this system and continues to improve it!

Please sign up for our webinar if this looks intriguing and we'll spend an hour going over all of these features in a live setting so you can SEE how this works!

You'll need to be a member of the Print4Pay Hotel, so please click the link and register today for this awesome sales advantage webinar!

-=Good Selling=-

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